A stellar birthday with boats and goats!

Y’all, I had the best birthday ever today. No, it wasn’t my birthday, it was MacGyver’s but I planned all the activities which means, I had the best birthday ever and MacGyver liked it too, so SCORE!

We started the day at our favorite bargain place, the weigh and pay. I would love to show you pictures but camera’s aren’t allowed. (They don’t want any evidence, trust me). We did pretty good today. I got tons of fiesta ware, an antique teapot shaped like a duck, (way cooler than it sounds), antique glass door knobs, and some pretty good books but the day was just getting started….

Look whose bus we saw on the way to the next place:

The Ralphie May Tour Bus

Ralphie May! I gave him a shout out on twitter but he didn’t respond…guess he doesn’t want to go running with me, oh well, I tried. If you change your mind Ralphie, I’ll take your running, you’ll fall in love with it, I swear!

Now, I need to give you a little background info just so you understand why I love the next place we went to. You see, when MacGyver and I first bought our vacation house in Venice, we thought it was so odd how all of the businesses had side businesses within them, like the ‘Best Little Thrift Store and Dog Adoptions’ or the ‘Top Notch Car Wash and Liquor Store’. After a while we started to like the duality of shopping. We could adopt a dog while shopping for a used coffee table or tie one on while getting the car washed. It’s a beautiful concept.

And that’s why the next stop was the famous Don’s Marine Salvage or as I like to call it, the home of Boats and Goats. It’s genius!


This is Milly, Milly the Goat.


And This is Millie and Willie

Do you see the boat parts in the background? See, I don’t lie! The goats actually play on the center consoles and the bench seats, it’s hilarious.


And this is Willie, Millie, William and Billy

Those probably aren’t really their names but it’s what I call them.

In case you’re wondering why I don’t mind going to the boat salvage yard, it’s because I like animals and Goats are not the only animals because ladies and gentlemen, I give you….Pam:

Pam the PigPam the Pig. And if you don’t think Pigs are smart, I will argue with you because girl knew her name and she totally responded to me when I called her. She wanted to cuddle too but well, pigs are a little smelly. Okay, a lot.

Next, we have chickens, because Don’s Marine Salvage does not discriminate against any animal, they love all God’s creatures and here’s some more proof:



And that’s the end of that. It was super fun and MacGyver actually got a few boat parts. After all of that excitement, I took MacGyver to lunch at this awesome place:

Bascoms chop HouseI highly recommend it. It was excellent. And after lunch we had one of my MacGyver’s favorite desserts of all time, key lime pie.

Key Lime PieIt was epic.

We then came home and have been watching movies ever since. It’s been the perfect day. And tomorrow I will need to run 100 miles to get rid of the calories, ha!

What did you do on your birthday? Do you have any stores that specialize in two totally different things?

4 thoughts on “A stellar birthday with boats and goats!

    • The weigh and pay is actually the Goodwill outlet but it used to be called the weigh and pay so we still call it that. If you google Goodwill, the bins, you’ll see videos of what it’s like, it is not for the faint of heart. The first time I went there, I was scared to death but after I found a box full of brand new Vera Bradley handbags, (10 of them with tags), I was hooked. 🙂 Those goats are so fast, I would call them and they would sprint across the boatyard. I had no idea they could run like that..

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