A 14.3 mile run that started great, got bad and ended horribly…. in pictures, for your enjoyment.

It’s a Silent Sunday post, sort of. I had a 14.3 mile run today. Why 14.3? Well, at mile 7, 9, 11 and 12, I spent time in the porta potties because my stomach revolted on me and by mile 12, my dead butt and some serious hip pain kicked in and I had to limp, yes limp back to the house. Time for a break I guess. Anyway, here is my run in pictures and 3 species of birds….see if you can find all three….

Legacy Trail

The Legacy Trail in Nokomis

Legacy Trail

Another random view of the trail because I need you to know how pretty it is…

Legacy Trail from Shackett Creek

The view from the Trailhead in Nokomis at Shackett Creek

trail bridge

The trail bridge which is by far my favorite part of the trail, I saw a manatee today!


A random cool bird because I like random cool birds and so do you, right?

Dona Bay

A beautiful view of Dona Bay and one of the reasons I love it down here….

railroad tracks

Railroad tracks alongside the Legacy Trail

red bike, legacy trail

I always know when the bathrooms are near because I look for the red bike, ha.

leaves on legacy trail

This is what winter looks like in Florida, kind of like Fall.

Random berries

Some random purple berries I thought about eating when my hip starting burning and I had to walk….I was starving but don’t worry I didn’t eat them.


A bazillion Vultures that scared the bejesus out of me.

After the limping and the vultures, I knew this run had to end. Once I got home MacGyver thought fishing would cheer me up…after I helped him move all the logs from a fallen tree in the backyard, because there is no rest for the weary…or injured when it comes to yard work!


This guy hung out with us while we fished today. Coolest thing ever. He was the most docile pelican I’ve ever seen. No Mom, I didn’t try to pet him.

And that was my day.

What did you do today? Long run? Race?  Have you ever had to limp home?

8 thoughts on “A 14.3 mile run that started great, got bad and ended horribly…. in pictures, for your enjoyment.

  1. Vultures are scary birds!
    What a bummer you had such a bad run! At least you know what the problem is and what you have to do to fix it. I hate ending a run because of pain and it’s worse not knowing what it is.
    We have tons of those white birds around here. My son says they’re herons.

    • They are herons. We have so many different varieties I didn’t want to say which one because I’d probably get it wrong, hehe. The vultures are freaky but for some reason I think their pretty. Maybe because they are so large and powerful but there is something fascinating, if not a little scary about them…

  2. What a crappy day! Is the hip pain something you’re already familiar with or is it something new? I used to have hip pain first thing in the morning that was so severe I actually needed a cane to propel myself across the floor. At this point it was pretty easy for my wife to convince me to go see her chiropractor who, after a handful of visits, re-aligned me to the point where it wasn’t an issue. Now I just go back once in a blue moon, when things just don’t feel quite “right”. Thanks, once again, for all the beautiful scenery and the wildlife. Vultures, however, DO seem like a bad sign….
    Anyway, hope you’re feeling better soon and also hope it’s nothing serious that a couple days off might not cure. Cheers!

    • Thanks Brian, It’s actually due to a weak Gluteus medius. I call it dead butt syndrome but it’s really called gluteus medius tendinosis or something like that. I like dead butt better, don’t you? It’s from lack of strength training so don’t end up like me and make sure to hit the weights at least twice a week 🙂

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