Running, Training and Self-Doubts

Hey, how are you today?

I’m feeling pretty good, but I must admit that I’m stressing out over my training and another half marathon I have coming up on Saturday. My training actually started off pretty good this week. I ran 3 easy miles on Monday and then 8 easy miles on Tuesday. I had 5 tempo miles planned for Wednesday and then 8 easy miles today and 5 easy miles again on Friday.

Do you see a pattern here? Running Easy…..maybe?

Running Easy

I re-evaluated my training plan and realized that far too many of my runs are too fast and I need to slow it down a bit during training and I’m hoping it makes a difference.

Unfortunately, there was a snag in my training this week because it rained practically all day yesterday and it was cold and windy and no matter how much I really wanted to, I just could not go running and I had to pass on my tempo run.

No time for runnin

So, that’s a major screw up on my part because it’s the only run on my schedule that even remotely resembles speedwork, so yeah, that’s not good. When I don’t have that one speed workout to help boost my confidence I start to suffer with self-doubt and that can be debilitating. I tried not to think about it and to just move forward and I got up early this morning and prepared to go out for an 8 mile run.

When I stepped out the back door all I could see was rain and dark skies….

Disapproving dog

Now, this was a conundrum, because while I needed to get those 8 miles in, it was freakin raining, hard, and it was balls-out cold and I just didn’t think I had it in me.

I went back in the house and started cleaning, (because that’s what weirdo’s with OCD like me do when we’re stressed out), and it helped me think about and rationalize the situation, which I did. After about 45 minutes, I grabbed my rain gear and headed out at 8am.

I wasn’t sure if I could do it but I planned on getting those 8 miles. Afterall, it was just 8 easy, slower miles. I made up my mind, I went out there, and I got it done.

Jonah Hill loves me

Thank you Jonah Hill. I knew you believed in me!

I felt like such a badass when I finished. I really did. Well, until I went to take a shower. My toes and my fingers were literally frozen. I forgot gloves and I wore the thinnest socks I own; plus I had to run through about 900 puddles so my feet were wet and cold. I needed to get out of those wet clothes and into the shower fast. Does it take everyone else an eternity to peel off their running clothes or is it just me?

Peeling off running clothes

It took me 20 minutes to peel off my clothes and 10 more to get the feeling back in my hands. Those capris that fit perfectly when I left this morning are two sizes too small when their soaking wet! How does that happen?

Anyhow, I feel much better now. I am still a little stressed that I didn’t get any speedwork in, but I’ve decided to practice positive self talk from now on, starting right now….

show that turtle whos boss!

So, how do you handle self-doubt or are you one of those amazing people who doesn’t ever have self-doubt?

Do you stress when you miss a day of training?

Suncoast Half Marathon Recap

Happy Tuesday! How is the week going for you so far? I happen to be a little behind but I guess that happens when you take a few vacation days, huh?

Anywho, I’ve already run 11 miles this week, and you may already know this, but I also ran a half marathon on Sunday. I ran the Suncoast Half Marathon in Lakewood Ranch. It was my first half marathon of the year and I was pretty excited and looking forward to it.

Suncoast Half

Before I go any further I think it’s important to mention that on Saturday morning I woke up with a severe allergy attack. I sneezed at least 3 times every 5 minutes for the entire day and by dinner, MacGyver was calling me Rudolph. Nice! Right? Anyhow, around 7PM I relented and took a Benadryl which knocked my ass out by 9pm.


Now, let me just say that I didn’t go into this race with any expectations, other than to have fun, because I have never run it before and after dealing with dead butt syndrome for the last few months, I didn’t want to put any unnecessary pressure on myself. But y’all know me better than that, and of course I am always doing what I can to improve, so I did plan on running for fun, but I also would have liked to have a great finish or even a PR.

That didn’t happen….so that’s the short version in case you’re bored already and if not, here is the full version…please continue on.

The Suncoast Marathon is a beautiful course in Lakewood Ranch that runs from Main Street at Lakewood Ranch through the Country Club West communities. It really was a pretty race course. Unfortunately it was raining when I left my house in Venice that morning and it was either overcast, drizzling or raining for the entire race so I wasn’t able to enjoy the scenery as much as I would have liked but hey, it wasn’t cold and we’re in Florida, so there.

Lakewood Ranch

The race was set to start at 7am so I got there around 6 to make sure I was able to find parking but also because I wasn’t familiar with the area and I tend to be a nervous Nellie about that sort of thing. Parking was absolutely easy, peasy and I was directed to a spot very close to the starting line; I couldn’t have been happier or relieved.

The start line was on Main St. and there were many port-a-potties but there was also a Starbucks and they allowed all of the runners to use their bathrooms! SCORE! The line wasn’t really all that long and I met some really nice people including Drew, who told me about the Starbucks bathroom, so thanks Drew!

Suncoast Half MArathon

I met up with the 2 hour pacers at the start line. I had met them at the expo and they were really nice and they offered to help me get that sub 2 if I wanted to try for it. The plan was to run a steady 9:09 pace and I felt that was doable. I always tend to go out too fast and run the first 5 or 6 miles in the 8’s which totally wears me out and makes my beloved negative splits virtually impossible. So, the plan was, 9:09 with the pacers unless I felt tired and then I’d fall back and just enjoy.

Before the race

The race started within a few minutes of 7 and we were off. Within 1 minute I knew this was not going to be ‘my race’. My legs were dead and I could not wake them up. It was almost like they were asleep and frozen at the same time. I was also yawning! The damn Benadryl. UGH! I was feeling the effects almost like a hangover and it was rough. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t spring back to life so I settled in to the most comfortable pace I could and just rode it out.

Running the Suncoast half

The first 7 miles were fairly comfortable but it got harder as the race went on. I managed to keep running for the most part although I did stop for water stops and walk through them and I stopped to give all the kids who came out in support of us some serious high fives. (I loved all those kids and their smiling faces.) This race had a fair amount of spectators along the route and one of them handed me some Mardi Gras beads. Somewhere around mile 11 there was a group of drummers and y’all know I love a good drum circle. I gave them a peace sign and danced a little jig before running off which cracked them up. I finished the race in 2:12:10, that’s the official chip time. As soon as I crossed the finish line, one person handed me a cute little visor and another handed me my cherished bling.

Race Bling

Not my best or my worst race, but I’ll be running this race again next year and the next and the next after that. I hope the next time the weather is better but other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing.

After the race there was tons of food and drink but I had to get home because MacGyver was working on the house and I wanted to spend the rest of the day with my in-laws but everyone was having a blast and next year I’ll hang out at the after party until they throw me out!

When you plan your races next year, I think this one would be a great one if you are running a first half, looking for a flat course where you could possible PR, want to run in a beautiful town with great support or if you’re looking for a race that is well-organized from start to finish. Definitely add this one to your list, you won’t be sorry and I’ll be there too.

Racing in the suncoast half

And here are two things that I learned from this race that I’ll be writing about in the future. First, I should never take Benadryl or any medicine that knocks me comatose the night before a race unless it’s an absolute emergency. I should have known I would be feeling the effects for the entire day after, because I always do. So if you know that you react badly to certain medications, it may be wise to avoid them if you can. The second thing that I learned is that when you have a training plan that works for you, don’t second guess it. I added some miles to my training the week before the race and I changed my structure around. It obviously didn’t work for me and I’ll be writing about it at a later time but for now, lessons learned.

Did you race this weekend? What race did you run and how did you do?

Have you ever taken a medicine that affected your race?

Oranges, Drum Circles, Fire Tables, Expos and a Half Marathon, my weekend in pics.

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend. We are in Venice. We came down Friday with my in-laws and are having a blast. Here’s a little recap of the weekend in pictures….

Nokomis Groves

First stop is Nokomis Groves for 40 pounds of oranges and grapefruit…I kid you not!

And you cannot leave the Groves without Orange and Vanilla Ice Cream!  It taste just like a creamsicle.  I would share but it's long gone...

And you cannot leave the Groves without Orange and Vanilla Ice Cream! It taste just like a creamsicle. I would share but it’s long gone…

Lakewood Ranch

Saturday Morning, we headed out to Lakewood Ranch….

Lakewood Ranch

I think this is the clubhouse for Lakewood Ranch, but I couldn’t get over the bar…it was pretty awesome.

Suncoast Half

Entering the Expo for the Active Suncoast Half Marathon!

Suncoast Half Marathon expo

The expo for the Suncoast half was small but very personal and I loved it.

Nokomis Beach Drum Circle

After the Expo, we headed to the Nokomis Drum Circle. If you ever come to Venice or Casey Key, this is a do not miss!

Drum Circle

There are bellydancers and hula hoopers and some people who really can’t dance at all and sort of spaz out all over. I like watching them all.

shells and sharks teeth

There are tons of shells on the beach and even prehistoric sharks teeth.


There were 5 or 6 sailboats out this evening.

drum circle

There were hundreds of people who came out for the drum circle.


The sunset was beautiful however, my picture taking skills need some work.

POPS Grill

After the drum circle we headed to Pop’s on the water for some serious carbs.

We ate outside around the fire table while watching the band.

We ate outside around the fire table while watching the band.


MacGyver and Mom and Dad.

Too many Coronas later, time to end the night...

Too many Coronas later, time to end the night…

This morning, I woke up at 3AM, headed down to Lakewood Ranch and just a little after 9am, I completed my first half marathon and first race of the year!

Suncoast Half Marathon

Suncoast Half Marathon

I’ll do a full recap later but for now, I’m a bit tired, a bit under the weather, and hella hungry!

Did you run a race this weekend? How was it?