The toolbox caper that wasn’t and a video!

Happy Friday! I hope yours is going well. Mine didn’t start out so well, but in order for you to understand why, I need to take you back a bit, all the way to last night.

MacGyver went hunting yesterday and while he was in the tree stand, one of our Venice neighbors called several times. Unable to get a good signal, MacGyver didn’t return the call until later that evening. Apparently some toolboxes had been found in the park across the canal from our house and the neighbor wanted to know if they could possibly be ours.


He said he had checked on our house and nothing looked out of place but he was a little concerned. MacGyver couldn’t remember what color our toolboxes were, (even though he remembered every item in them), so he called me.

I knew they were both red, but I had no idea what they looked like. I mean, it’s not like they had any discernible markings, they weren’t Louis Vuitton or Hermes for Christ sake, so how would I know? I don’t even know who makes toolboxes, do you?

Anyway, we decided to wait and go down Friday night since the neighbor had checked out the house and everything looked okay. Oh, but the best laid plans…..

MacGyver went to bed at 10:30 and I followed sometime around midnight and fell asleep a short time later. Thank the Lord for those precious few hours because sometime after 2am MacGyver started thrashing around like a fish out of water. He couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t stop thinking about the house. What if someone stole his tools? What if someone stole our paddle board or the kayaks? Did we leave the dining room windows open? (Yes).

This went on for two hours when finally, at 4am, MacGyver made the decision to drive down there. Awesome, now I could get some sleep.

Loud noises

Ten minutes later all I could hear was bam, boom, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, zzzzzzzzzzzz, bang, bang. What the hell?

grab a cactus

I got up, grabbed a stuffed sheep, (it’s all I could find), and went to the garage where I found MacGyver….constructing the pieces of the security system for our vacation home, which I now lovingly refer to as ‘The Armory’. Yes, he did all this at 5am and yes, my neighbors do hate me.

Finally at 5:30am, I fell asleep, only to awake an hour later to sound of my phone. It was MacGyver……..the house is fine. No shit.

MacGyver elected to stay at the house to install the security system and to stay far away from me since at this point I still very much wanted to throat punch him and I got up to go for a run.

It's one of those days

I got up, got dressed and got out the door. Mile one was a warm up and I felt pretty good, mile 2, I sped up and did some Yasso 800s, by mile 3 I was feeling great. I was about two thirds finished with mile 4 and I heard the familiar sound of my ringing cell phone. It was MacGyver. Email problems, he needed help. I should go home. Do you see a pattern here?

My Dachshund and my Mizunos

After helping with the email situation, I really didn’t feel like walking the dogs but Hank had other ideas and he was not taking No for an answer. So, off I went with the dogs but I cut the walk short because there were a few off leash dogs in the neighborhood. Hank was obviously a little upset by this situation because he proceeded to pee on the base of my artificial Christmas Tree.

Apparently the inside Tree is a little confusing for the poor guy because when I yelled at him, he truly did look completely dumbfounded.

So, I decided to make it up to both dogs since I realized I had been short tempered for most of the morning, and I took them on a drive. I videotaped about a minute and a half of that fiasco. It was 30 minutes of Hank, don’t blow the horn. Don’t blow the horn Hank. Hank, it’s a red light, don’t blow the horn. Hank, we are trying to yield, don’t blow the horn at people.

I give up. Tomorrow I will attempt a long run without my cell phone or my dogs.

How do you recover from a day that starts off crappy?

I try to laugh.

8 thoughts on “The toolbox caper that wasn’t and a video!

    • LOL, I never really thought it was all that funny until I taped it today and then I laughed my ass off. I must spend a third of my life saying,
      “Dont blow the horn Hank, it’s a red light Hank.”

  1. That was so funny and just what I needed for the kind of day I’m having. You always make me laugh. And, we all need laughter.

    • Awe, thanks Mom. And the fact that you took your sink apart and couldn’t put it back together is actually kind of funny too…so thanks for having a bad day that made me laugh too. Love you!

  2. I definitely go for a run of around 3-4 miles to recover from the crappy days. If that does not work…I eat gelato, preferably pistachio. Of course, then I feel guilty from eating said gelato – face it, I can not abide by the suggested serving size and end up eating the whole pint. Once the guilt weighs in, I go run more or go to the gym.

    • It’s a viscous cycle, isn’t it. Of course, instead of gelato I am all about Wendy’s Frosty’s which I invariably stuff with hersheys peanut butter cups, oh dear, I need one now…

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