The day before my Holiday Half Marathon…

Happy Saturday,

Hope your weekend is going well. I ran 5 miles around the neighborhood this morning. It was a nice run until mile 4 and a half and that’s when this little chihuahua came running toward me and tried to downsize my ankle. He wasn’t successful but I decided to play it safe and cut my run short at mile 5. Besides, I’m running a half marathon tomorrow, probably in the rain, better rest up.

And get my compression on in my favorite socks, #procompression. If you havent tried compression socks, I highly recommend these, they are boss, period.

ProCompression Socks

After compressing for a bit, I somehow convinced the kid that he should go Christmas shopping with me. Nothing like hanging out with your Mother, especially when your in your 20’s! As you can imagine he was less than thrilled but he said he would go as long as I didn’t embarass him or walk anywhere near him. And off we went.

Shopping with the kid

Shopping was exhausting. I’d rather go running or go to the gym. And I mean that. I love to shop but this is not the time or year to do it. Unless you shop online and in that case, have at it. I might have done that this afternoon…maybe.

Remember last Saturday when I introduced you to Saturday Runner Shaming? Well, I’ve decided that I’d like to make Saturday Runner Shaming a monthly feature. Once a month, I’ll post some pics that I have taken and some that readers have submitted.

Since I do have a couple of pics ready, I thought I’d go ahead and do the feature today and then again next month. But, I’m relying on you to send me more pics. So get on it and send me some Runner Shaming Pictures. Send them to upandhumming (at) gmail (dot com)

And here it is, Saturday Runner Shaming

Even if I had a tissue, it would probably be wet…..

Using my sleeve as a snot rag

I tried to make a badass face but my badass face = idiot.

This pic was submitted by Fawn, be sure to check out her blog.

Allright, that’s it for me. I gotta go get ready for my half-marathon tomorrow, I’ve got a night before routine that I pretty much live by, and also, I’ve got a case of the nerves!

How do you get prepared for races? Do you get nervous?

Have you run a holiday themed race this season or are you going to?

10 thoughts on “The day before my Holiday Half Marathon…

  1. When my Big’s tell me not to embarrass them when we’re out I ALWAYS make sure to dance and sing (really loud and really bad) to all the music playing in the stores … even if I don’t know the words 🙂 I think they secretly love it.

    I always get nervous before a race and never sleep well. I use ProCompression too and find just putting them on is a workout on it’s own. I found running in the socks make my feet blister so I have asked Santa to bring me some calf-sleeves for Christmas.

  2. Hope you’re half is going great as I’m typing this! Looking forward to a recap!

    I shopped from 10 AM until 6 PM on Friday and I was exhausted. I’ve NEVER let myself get so far behind on Christmas prep. At least the house has been decorated since the weekend after Thanksgiving!

    • The half was fun but I’m glad it’s over. I’ll recap this week. I know what you mean about the Christmas prep, I’m freaking out over how far behind I am and I still have to ship packages to Virginia and Tennessee to our families! That oughta cost a bazillion dollars, lol.

  3. lol I was kind of waiting for you to be accosted by some type of animal while out on a run because, frankly, it had been awhile! Good luck tomorrow! I run so few races that I never find myself having to deal with nerves much, but when I do I just remind myself “it’s only running–one step after another”. I ask the next question only because it’s something we’ve run across with the teenage boys at our place–has your son ever had to deal with the “your mum’s kinda hot” thing with any of his buds? Kind of amusing when it happens around here–more so for US than THEM, though!

    • I was just thinking, where have all the peacocks gone? And then, bam! Chihuahua from hell.

      And yes, my son had to deal with that but fortunately he has my sense of humor so he handles it in the most humorous of ways. I’m pretty sure he has one friend who still thinks I have 11 toes.

  4. Hahaha! I love it! I also rub my nose on my sleeve on my wrist but I wasn’t sure how gross you wanted the shamings to be. Thanks for sharing my shame. 😉 oh and my blog. Have fun tomorrow! Run with your heart!

  5. You run so many halfs! I’m always surprised to hear that you still get nervous the night before.

    My toes are still sore from last weekend’s marathon. Mostly just my big toes. I ran wearing compression socks. Could that have contributed to the pain? I mean, have you ever heard of that before with compression socks? I think I may try sleeves next time.

    • I don’t think I will ever not get nervous, even after years of running it still happens. But after this half I’m taking a month off because I have a few fulls coming up early next year…I might be a little nuts! heheh

      And I have heard of sore toes after marathons but mostly from tight shoes but also from compression socks. I do wear compression socks myself and i love them but I also wear sleeves alot too. I would try both on a few long runs and see if you notice a difference.

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