Spelling fails and Selfies…with the dog.

Were in Venice. And we’re gonna be here till Monday. I am super excited and in need of a little break 😉

And y’all I took the day off from running today. Not because I wanted to but because I’m running a half marathon tomorrow and I felt like I should take a rest day.

Unfortunately, when I don’t run, I get all antsy. I have tons of pent up energy that needs to be used up, otherwise, I implode or this happens:
mom and hank selfie

After a fruitful morning of taking selfies with the dog, MacGyver and I went to pick up my race pack. I’m looking forward to this race tomorrow mainly because I’ve decided not to set any goals. Instead, I’m just going to have fun, because I haven’t done that yet this year in a half marathon, and I love running down here in Venice.
sal half

The race is not that large but there are a lot of volunteers and the course runs through several neighborhoods so I’ve heard that the crowd support is awesome and I love that. I’m super excited about it.

On the way to pick up the race packet, we passed Walgreens and dear Lord, I want you to take a look at the signage:
walgreens spelling failReally Walgreens? It wouldn’t have been so bad except for the fact that when I went to get stamps from the same store almost 6 hours later, it was still there! What does that say about the entire community that shopped there today? Did anyone bother to tell Walgreens that candles was spelled incorrectly, or worse, did anyone but me notice?

Did I mention we are in Venice? Yes, well because we’re in Venice, I decided to go ahead and put up some gaudy decorations because that’s what I do, well, that and buy TV’s. What do you think?

decorationsYou like? It’ll look loads better with TV’s under it, don’t you think?

Hope y’all are having an awesome weekend so far. I’ll update you on the race tomorrow.

Seen any spelling fails lately? Have you decorated your house yet? When do you put up your decorations?

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