I’ve got some awesome Protein Bars to give away!

Happy Monday….or is there such a thing? Ah, who am I kidding, I’m pretty happy most of the time and if not, well, I’m delirious. You gotta have balance, right?

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[dislcaimer – The following is a sponsored post and I was provided free product(s) in order to complete my review, however, all opinions are and will always be, my own. There is a giveaway at the bottom, so you may want to stick around.]

Anywho, you may remember in a recent post how I completely blew my PR because of some, ahem, stomach trouble at mile 10? Well after that happened I was in the market for different types of pre-race fueling to find a better balance and hopefully prevent any future recurrence.

Around that time, I was contacted by thinkThin and asked if I’d like to do a giveaway for my readers, heck yeah, I would. I love protein bars…but I wasn’t familiar with the thinkThin Protein bars so they sent me a box of creamy peanut butter.

thinkThin protein bar

The thinkThin Creamy Peanut Butter bar has 20grams of protein, it has no refined sugar and its gluten free, and guess what, it has only 1g of fiber, YES! I love the fact that they are loaded with protein and without all the crap you find in other bars. And they taste wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised.

I tried the bars before several long runs and also before my last two half marathons and I had no tummy troubles at all but I also found that I really like them, and they are great when you are on the go. I now carry one in my purse and I have one in the glove compartment of my car. They come in pretty handy when I get the munchies around 2 in the afternoon or after several hours of hard core shopping.

All of the thinkThin products are also available to purchase on their website and they offer free shipping for orders over $75.

And now, 1 lucky reader has the chance to win an entire box of thinkThin Protein Bars. You also get to choose from 4 flavors:

Creamy Peanut Butter
Chunky Peanut Butter
Brownie Crunch
Caramel Fudge

Enter by using the box below for your chance to win an entire box of thinkThin Protein Bars.

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40 thoughts on “I’ve got some awesome Protein Bars to give away!

  1. My husband just started to run again and has sworn off sugar, white bread and coffee. So this house is getting healthy and I am always looking for good protein bars. Both of us love Peanut Butter too…

  2. Always willing to try something new ….just recently started having tummy issues on runs ( usually at mile 3 or 4 don’t know why) it must be old age! I truly am glad you found something that works for you !

    • I think you’ll love them. I love the fact that they have no refined sugar, I think that and gluten was getting to me. 😉 Are you running the holiday half this weekend?

  3. I usually go for Metrx Big 100. Just for the fact that it is at most convenient stores when I am in the mood for one. I have not tried adding them to my nutrition on a permanent basis…maybe I should.

    • They definitely help me curb my snacking and they are awesome for pre-run fuel when I’m running 15-20 miles or more. I think you would like them.

  4. I can totally relate to the tummy issues. I have them too. I would LOVE to find something that i knew I could eat without worrying about emergency pitstops. I usually do gels with mixed results.

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