Hoping my new Garmin Forerunner 620 will help me outrun wild and exotic animals!

Happy Friday! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas.

I have been sick with a bad cold since Monday. When I woke up that morning I knew I wasn’t feeling great but I didn’t really have too much time to dwell on it. By Christmas Eve, I was completely stuffed up and I was having a hard time breathing through my nose but, I pushed through. I ran both Monday and Tuesday and by Christmas morning I was toast, which seriously sucked, because look what the Kid got me:

Garmin Forerunner 620

Uh, that’s the GARMIN FORERUNNER 620 BAYBEE! Yeah, I know. I have the best kid ever!

I didn’t get to run on Christmas and the day after I was so excited to try out the new Garmin but I had forgotten to charge it after playing with it on Christmas and the battery was dead. I’m ending the year on such a good note, right? Finally this morning I got to use it, and it is the coolest thing ever!

Garmin Forerunner 620 info

I have a lot of learning to do just to get used to it, but I already know I’m gonna love it.

Unfortunately I probably won’t be using it again for quite a while because MacGyver has decided to drag me off to the cabin until the New Year. You may remember this post where I told you a little about the cabin we built. We still aren’t finished with it, in fact, we aren’t even close and we need to get it finished because if I let MacGyver leave something half finished for too long, it won’t get finished in this decade. (See: Kitchen Backsplash 10 years, 2 months)

Unfortunately, I just don’t want to go. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like the cabin it’s just that going to a Cabin with no electricity, no running water and a bathroom located down a dirt path leading to a large hole in the ground, which may or may not be infested with venomous snakes, is not exactly the perfect place for me to go when I’m so sick I don’t even mind that MacGyver’s dirty socks are laying on the coffee table. Besides, if you’ve ever read more than 2 or 3 post on this blog, you know about my encounters with exotic and wild animals. It’s a little freaky. Want a little proof? Here is the latest bird to take up residence in my backyard and apparently, he likes the firepit.

New resident of backyard

I WAS going to burn all of our wrapping paper and make a little fire but the new bird had other ideas and screeched so flippin loud he almost burst my ear drum.

Anyway, about the Cabin….MacGyver wanted to leave today but I am finding all kinds of creative ways to delay the trip. Today I made it rain. Okay, not actually, but since it did rain, I convinced him that there was no way we could get any work done in the rain and he agreed, thankfully. I’ve got tomorrow covered by conspicuously placing an ad for a Saturday auction on the top of his desk because he can never miss a good auction. I’m currently working on Sunday’s delay.

Anyway, that’s my week.

So, how was your Christmas? What’s the best present that you got? Do you have any plans to celebrate the New Year?

6 thoughts on “Hoping my new Garmin Forerunner 620 will help me outrun wild and exotic animals!

  1. Web don’t celebrate Christmas so this week has been just another week with the kiddos. Thankfully my mother in law works at the high school so she’s off when the kids are and she’s had them over a few times already. Tonight might be date night for me n the hubs..but first I need to order my lenses for my glasses. Fun stuff. New year’s? Who knows. We’re old people at heart so we’ll be lucky if we stay up til ten.
    By the way, your kid must’ve scored some serious points when you opened that gift. 🙂

    • He definitely got some points 😉 but he really is a great kid all around most all the time anyway. I hope you get a date night. We all need date nights. MacGyver and I usually go night fishing on our date nights. Lots of fun.

  2. That Garmin looks absolutely amazing and puts all other Garmin’s to shame! I have never seen that many running stats from one little watch before…makes me want to start thinking about my birthday…which isn’t until May..oh well 😉 I like that the wristband is different too. I have probably gone through 3 Garmin 405s and had to send them all back because the wrist strap kept breaking so now I have an ugly velcro band they put on it.

    I’m not super big on New Year’s…I usually fall asleep every year before midnight, but it’s also my Dad’s birthday so sometimes we do a little get together on New Years Day with family. I think my favorite Christmas present is some materials for soldering so I can start making handmade jewelry and so I can do stained glass and other fun projects whenever I have some free time. 🙂

    • Oooh fun. I did a stained glass art project way back in the day and I had so much fun. I love that stuff and I make jewelry too. I’d love to see some of your stuff sometime! I’ll be doing a full review on the Garmin once I’ve had a chance to work with it a little more but dayum, it seriously works like a coach, I’m in love 🙂 (I have the 405 too and the 620 definitely has a much better band!)

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