A runners Saturday Shaming, Sunscreen and lights.

Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is going well.

I got up and ran 10 miles this morning. The plan was 15, unfortunately, I had a little allergy problem last night and had to take some medication. It waisted me. I was so tired this morning, I barely got out of bed but I managed to get 10 miles in, take the dogs on a 1 mile walk, and put up almost all of my Christmas lights before me and hank did this:

Mommy and Hank in the Hammock

Putting up the Christmas decorations also wore me out and I forgot to wear sunscreen and since it’s in the mid 80’s here today, I got a little fried. Sunscreen in December, who knew?

Here are some of my favorite decorations, RudyMingo, The ReinMingos and SantaMingo. And we also have a rather large assortment of deer, like 30 of them, seriously.

The Mingos

the Deer

The Christmas Tree

Today when I was running I was thinking about how weird I am, you can read how weird in this post here, and I thought instead of posting blog articles on my weirdness every now and then, why not have one day a week to show you with some good ole fashioned shaming photos. So without further adieu, I present to you:

Saturday Shaming:

Belly Pooch Shaming

Stinky Runner Feet

Runner Shaming

I’d like to turn Saturday Shaming into a community event, so I challenge you to take a picture holding your shaming sign and email it to me at upandhumming (at) gmail (dot) com, and every Saturday, I’ll post all of your photos along with mine. So come on, send me those pictures! And remember, this is just lighthearted fun! So don’t get your knickers in a wad, mmmmkay?

What’s the weirdest thing you did today?

10 thoughts on “A runners Saturday Shaming, Sunscreen and lights.

  1. Love the “Mingos!”

    I do the same with my SPIBelt and Nathan Hydration Pack! I’ll send photos, but by now you know me well enough that 99% of mine will have something to do with a porta-potty! #ImSoMature

  2. Hahaha!! I love your “weirdness”! This is great! Weirdest thing today? Hmm…can’t seem to think of one. I’ll join the fun tho and send a photo if something weird come up.

  3. Well I can’t think of any weird things I did today, now if we’re talking yesterday… I drove into the middle of an intersection after being at a complete stop, cause I thought the light turned green. Turns out it was the good old turn arrow. After that the bf took my keys for the rest of the day. But now I know to actually eat during the day not just if I’m hungry.

    • Yes, eating is a good thing, please be careful. Good save by the boyfriend. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried them, but I carry think thin bars in my purse just for occasions like that and they’ve come in handy on many occasions.

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