Yesterday, 14 miles, Today, Rest!

Happy Sunday to you! I’m taking a rest day. And by rest day, I do not mean I’m laying on the sofa watching reality TV, snacking on candy, and drinking soda because we are completely out of soda.

Yesterday I ran 14 miles at a really easy pace. It was a nice run around Kapok Park and on the Ream Wilson Trail.

Kapok Park

Kapok ParkKapok Park, Clearwater, Florida







Nice, huh? Isn’t this another trail that just makes you wanna move here and come and run with me? Yes? Well, do me a favor then and call my Mom, and tell her that she needs to move here permanently. She went home today and I am not happy about it.

I am missing her already. She and I went to Nokomis beach on Casey Key on Friday, and spent some time looking for shells and sharks teeth. (Sometimes we do take a little break from the shopping), I took a lot of pics, of course, as well as a video:

Nokomis BeachCasey Key






Casey Key, Nokomis, FLNokomis Beach






Nokomis, FloridaCasey Key, Florida

Sharks Teeth in Nokomis, Florida on Casey Key

Can you believe she left all that? I know!

MacGyver brought home an advertisement from Radio Shack today that says,’ Accidents Happen’, it has a dachshund on it. We also found a can of spray used to deter dogs from urinating where they aren’t supposed to. It also has a dachshund on it. Both Dachshunds look eerily similar to Hank:

Dachshund Ads

Are you noticing a recurrent theme here? MacGyver says we are doomed.

That’s all I got for today. MacGyver made this awesome homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and I am going to destroy that bowl! YUM!

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Tell me what you did?

5 thoughts on “Yesterday, 14 miles, Today, Rest!

  1. You were right. These beach pictures are amazing. Definitely going to check out Casey Key, if I ever make it to FL. I did not win entry to the Key West race during #runchat last night. Lol.

    I spent the weekend resting, and hoping for a runner’s miracle. 🙂

    • It’s hard not to take a good picture on Casey Key, it really is beautiful. I wish I could run in Va. right now because it’s still fairly warm here!

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