Women’s Running Half Marathon Expo AND I’d CRAWL across the finish line for that medal!

This morning I ran 3 quick miles around the neighborhood and then took the babies dogs for a walk. Afterwards, I took a quick shower and then headed out to the Women’s Running Half Marathon Expo at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort in St. Pete.

The Vinoy, St. Pete

The Vinoy Courtyard

Beautiful isn’t it? The expo was very well organized and packet pick up was a breeze. I had no issues at all what so ever, and I was very impressed with the staff and volunteers. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.

Womens Running packet pick up

Womens Running Expo

The expo was chock full of some of favorite brands including Spibelt and The Stick. I didn’t really do any shopping because MacGyver was with me, and well, it’s really hard to convince him I only paid xx amount of dollars if he is right beside me and he sees me pay xxx amount of dollars, get it? I bet you do. 😉

Women's Runing Expo

Womens Running Half Marathon Expo


I also got a sneak peak at the medal and I don’t want to give anything away so I’m not going to describe it even though you saw a mock up of it in a previous post. I’m also not going to post a picture of it until tomorrow. However, I can tell you that it IS the shit! And if I have to crawl across that finish line I WILL NOT leave without one!

Ace Running was at the expo and you could fill out a sign stating your goals and they were taking pictures. MacGyver and I didn’t have a lot of time to wait in line so he took my picture and here is my goal:

Sub 2


We’ll see how that goes. (Stomach please behave….paaaaaaaaaalleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease). And if nothing else the views tomorrow will be stellar!

St. Pete Waterfront

I need to go lay in bed and not be able to sleep get some rest. I’ll update you tomorrow….

Do you like going to the race expos? Which one has been your favorite so far?

24 thoughts on “Women’s Running Half Marathon Expo AND I’d CRAWL across the finish line for that medal!

  1. I flipping LOVE race expos. I’m such an expo junkie. I get really sad if a race doesn’t have a strong expo.

    My goal is a sub two hour half marathon too! I hope you get yours!

    • Aren’t expos just the best? I love all the samples and demos and cool stuff to see, and let’s face it, shopping for running gear is so much fun at expos! I just have to remember to either go alone or with running friends because taking the hubs along is a deal breaker! LOL

  2. I rant this morning and PR’d although nowhere near a sub-2: you crazy fast people confound me. I’ll be posting a recap of the expo and race tonight, so you should check it out. I’ll be looking for yours. Also, I definitely didn’t realize you were near me!

    • Congrats on your PR, that’s awesome. I did not PR or sub 2 unfortunately. I did have a great time though. And I have another shot at it next Sunday so I’ll just cross my fingers and train like a boss 🙂

    • Hi Cheryl, I was there, I looked for you but didn’t see you. I was in Coral 2, sorta worked a little magic and slid in there. No sub 2 though 🙁 I’ll write about it a little later but it was not a good day for me…

  3. Good luck today!!! Boy was I selfish last night talking about myself. Have fun and enjoy every step of every mile! I’m rooting for you all the way from California!

    • Thank you Fawn and you are NOT selfish. I love hearing about other peoples races and especially when they are as excited as you were about yours.

    • Thanks Sara. It was not a good day for me unfortunately and the sub 2 is still a mission unaccomplished however, 😉 I have another half next Sunday so I’ll try again.

  4. SO nice to see those pics, Flower, we’re in the middle of a blizzard right at the moment and the snow’s blowing sideways! Good luck tomorrow, hoping for the sub-2 and I’ll be thinking about you while I’m out shovelling (an activity we perform on snow quite regularly up here…lol!) Cheers!

    • Awe, how sweet! I hope I get to see you there. I’ll be in a burgundy Nike shirt that says, You’re Late First is Taken, (I know, I’m either brave or stupid), so look for me and I’ll look for you. I hope your daughters love it, you are the coolest Mom!

  5. Missed seeing you at the expo… It was great wasn’t it! I got a spi belt …bought it from a cutie named Bobby who’s running with the ladies tomorrow 🙂 I’m concerned what to wear so I’ve got 3 outfits ready to go… Yup I’m nervous … Not sure why, but my left knee and hip have been bugging me all week , my times have been way off but..,. What will be will be! In corral 2 number 2230. I have to say what’s with the size of those race bibs…. Enormous not sure where going to pin it… Hope to see you in the am … Tom is dropping me off, heading out for breakfast then coming back ….must be nice to be a non-runner lol

    • My hubby is doing the same. They put me in coral 3 because my Mom registered for me and she wasn’t sure what time, UGH. Anywho, I signed up with the pace group so I may be able to get into coral 2 with you! 🙂 Crossing my fingers. Hope to see you and if I don’t see you before or during, meet me in the bubbly tent for some sparkling wine, okay? 🙂

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