The Perfect Gift Guide for Every Runner or My Christmas List.

Wake up, it’s Wednesday….and it’s also almost 4pm in the afternoon here so if you aren’t awake yet, well, that’s just bad. Bad.

This morning I ran an easy 6 miles around my neighborhood in the glorious cool weather, a brisk 61 degrees. It was heaven. I love it when we get cold fronts. I just wish they would last longer than a few days. Maybe the cooler air could last for, oh I don’t know, say fall? Oh wait, this is Florida. We only have two seasons, hurricane and not hurricane.

After my morning run I usually head straight for the shower and afterwards I take my dogs for a walk. They know my routine and they lie on the bathroom floor and wait for me. Sometimes I trip over them when I’m getting out of the shower. This is what Hank was doing this morning when I was in the shower:

A Dachshund and his Pure Flow 2's

He fell asleep with his little head resting on my Brooks Pure Flow 2’s. I die.

Last night MacGyver and I went shopping to check out my latest obsession, the Shark Sonic Duo. No really, it is. Anyway, I did the ‘can you live without that’ game in my head. It’s the game where I think about all the things I absolutely cannot live without to determine if it’s really something I need.

Food, Water, Exercise, sleep, clothing, toilet paper, Clean carpets (and the machine to clean them with), yep, it’s on the list, I can’t live without it. We need to buy it. Now.

Tell me you play that game…. You don’t? Really? Well, MacGyver doesn’t play it either because he just shook his head and walked out of the store and then we left, without the majestic Shark Sonic Duo. *Sad Face*

Later that evening, when my Mom suggested I put it on my Christmas list, I scoffed. I never put things like that on my gift list. That’s a necessity for the home. My gift list is full of things I need for running!

And with that being said, here is my Wish List or a Holiday Gift Guide for this holiday season:

Garmin Forerunner 620

The Garmin Forerunner 620

My Garmin is 4 years old and I think it’s high time somebody got me a new one and I’ve all but given up on Garmin actually sending me one because, well just because. The new Garmin is bad ass and it is the very thing I want the most! The absolute most! Seriously, the Garmin Forerunner 620 has features that any runner would love. You can click on the image above to learn more. It really is the most amazing Garmin to date.

Origami Owl Locket

An Origami Owl Locket and Chain

Have you seen these? I love them. The idea is so cute and you can personalize them any way you want. It’s a perfect gift for just about any female but especially for me. No need to purchase the charms, I want to purchase my own charms for each race I run to add to the locket. This is the second most thing I want on my list, the first, of course, is the Garmin Forerunner 620 in case you skipped over that.

Bluebuds X

Bluebuds X by Jaybird

The lightest and most awesome tangle free headphones featuring the best sound imaginable. Uh, lightweight and tangle free….enough said!

ipod shuffle

Ipod Shuffle

Yes, I know I broke 3 ipods in one day, shit happens, but I still need another ipod shuffle and I should get one.

lululemon mittens

Lululemon Reversible run with me mittens

These are too cute and I have to have them. They are also reversible! I know I live in Florida and I know it never really gets that cold but sometimes, I need gloves, and if it’s only 2 days out of the year, then damn it I want to look cute those 2 days!

lululemon skirt

Lululemon Fast Cat Skirt in Black size 4

Yeah, I obsess over this. Every girl should own a lululemon running skirt because, well, you just should and I’m no expert, but I think if I had this skirt I could probably run a mile in the high 6’s, maybe 6:55 or something. I’m pretty sure it will help me do this.

And that is the list for now. I’ll be adding to it weekly much to the dismay of my dear family. However, for those of you who are looking for some practical gifts or stocking stuffers, tune in next week when I’ll have a list of the most practical gifts you can buy for the runner or runners in your life.

Is there one thing on your list this year that you absolutely have to have? One thing you obsess over? Tell me what it is, and why and help me build the perfect gift guide for every runner!

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift Guide for Every Runner or My Christmas List.

  1. Groupon had that Garmin for $225 the other day (amazon has it for $350 I think). Not sure if it’s still available. I almost pulled the trigger, but my “can I live without this?” game told me to keep using my current Garmin that works fine. 😉

    • My ‘can i live without this’ game, said no; but only if someone else is paying for it..otherwise the old one works fine. LOL That’s an awesome Groupon price though and thanks for the info.

    • I did. The beach, the washer and my foot upon the third, all dead in one day. Sadly, over the course of 5 years, I’ve broken at least 20 and that’s probably a conservative estimate. I have an ipod graveyard. I should take a picture of it someday…and send it to Apple.

        • It definitely is hard to think of things you might want or need. I tried to think of the things that I just can’t live without but I’m sure I forgot something…send me your link when you come up with your list, I love seeing whats on everyone’s list and sharing them too.

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