Running on the Legacy Trail, Pictures and Video

Greetings Runners and others. I sound like an alien, heh he.

Yesterday I ran my beautiful Legacy Trail and I took lots of pictures and a video just for you. So, in pictures and video, here is my run yesterda,y and now I’m off for my run today. Hope you enjoy it and if you do, leave me a comment and let me know.

The Legacy Trail

Legacy Trail, Nokomis, Florida

The Legacy Trail, Laurel, Florida

The Legacy Trail Osprey

I shot this video near my house going over the trail path bridge. It’s very serene and though I’ve posted pics before, this will give you a much better idea of how beautiful it is.

Now, do you wanna come and run with me? Tell me about your favorite run and why you love it.

15 thoughts on “Running on the Legacy Trail, Pictures and Video

    • We do have some great trails and just wait til tomorrows post because I have beach pics…you’ll be checking the real estate options on zillow within hours…heh he.

    • I absolutely love it! Dona Bay is so beautiful and Casey Key is ah mazing! Did you hear about the most recent celeb to move to Casey Key? Rosie O…not that I’m a stalker, LOL

    • The Samsung Galaxy actually has some great tools for stabalizing (sp?) and it works pretty well. I also edit in you tube to take any shake out but it’s a learned process and I’m still working on it. It’s easier to film landscaping than animals, I still can’t get the whole animal video thing right…LOL

    • I have the gopro too and love, love it! I strap it on my head, (that sounded really bad). LOL But for this video I used my Samsung Galaxy and put the stabilizer on and it worked pretty well, then I just edited a bit on you tube and voila. I did slow way down to take the video. In between pics and video I was running around 8:20 a minute and it was around 10:30 when I was filming.

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