Pre Race Jitters – Up and Humming over commits again

How’s your Saturday going? It’s raining here in Tampa Bay. I don’t mind it, I actually like the rain and so I ran five miles in it this morning. I’m glad I ran when I did because had I waited an hour longer I would have gotten soaked, or worse, I would have had to run on the treadmill. Lucky for me, it was a light cool drizzle when I ran and it felt really good. My shoes were happy:

Run Happy

With the rain also came some much cooler weather so it looks like tomorrow will be nice and cool in the morning. In case you’re wondering why I’m concerned about the weather tomorrow, well, that would be because I’m running another half marathon, I know, I know, crazy, right?. (You know how everybody has that ‘special’ family member? Well, in our family, that’d be me. It’s okay, I’ve known for years….)

I picked up my race packet this afternoon and ran into my friend Cheryl who is also running the race. If nothing else, I’m excited that she’ll be there tomorrow and a few other people that I’m looking forward to seeing as well. I’m not sure how I’m going to do based on the fact that I haven’t been following my training plan all that closely, or at all, but I’m determined to have a good time because that’s just how I roll, and there may or may not be beer involved. Okay, beer is involved.

Blue Moon Half

How do like that t-shirt? At least the race directors have a sense of humor, well of course they do. I mean they must have, did you happen to see the course map? In case you didn’t and don’t want to follow the link, here it is once more:

Blue Moon Half Marathon Course

Fortunately I was able to figure out the race route and believe it or not, I do not need a DeLorean to get me from mile 12 over to mile 12 so that was good news. I’m pretty sure I would’ve had a really hard time finding a DeLorean anyway, just sayin.

Since I was able to figure out the course, and it’s mostly flat, and the weather will be cool and breezy tomorrow, my plan is to go out at a tempo pace and try to finish strong with negative splits. That’s the plan, unless a lot of people pass me and I think they’re gonna run out of beer. If that happens, I’ll just run at a full out sprint and dive across the finish line.

Tomorrow’s race starts at 7:30am but it won’t seem like it because the clocks go back tonight so I get an extra hour of sleep, WIN, and the location is fairly close to my house so it’s not a long drive either, double WIN! Now if only I can get over the pre-race jitters and do well tomorrow……

I’ll update you after the race tomorrow and I’ll post a full recap and review early in the week.

*disclaimer: This is the Blue Moon half Marathon and there will be lots of blue moon beer and if I make it across the finish line and there is plenty of beer left and I have a really good time drinking said beer, I may need some hangover recovery time before posting again.

How’s your weather today? Are you running a race this weekend?

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