A Shopping Marathon? Now there’s one I could place in!

I’ve run 13 miles so far this week. I ran 7 yesterday and 6 today, after taking Monday off. I’m still a little stiff after running 2 half marathons two weekends in a row so I cancelled my plans for the full marathon I had on my schedule for this weekend. It was tentative anyway, and my body needs a little more training time for the full marathon I’m doing in January.

I still have 3 more half marathons planned this year and I may even squeeze in another 10K in December. And, besides the full I’m doing in January, I’ve already chosen 6 additional races for the first 4 months of 2014. I wish I could do more, but I’m gonna wait to register for any more and see how my body feels, or not.

Are you sick of hearing me talk about marathons?

Run 26.2 miles

My Mom is in town through the rest of the week so I’ll probably have another 100,000,000,000+ shopping miles this week. That should bring my 3 week total to around one gazillion, I think. That should be some sort of record, right? Hey listen, things happen when we shop and I am not kidding, it’s like a sign from the Gods or something, see the picture below if you want proof:

shopping rainbows

Um, yeah, that IS a rainbow over the mall and it only appeared 10 minutes after we got there, and it wasn’t even raining! Now that, is a sign to continue shopping and with that, I’m going to Macy’s.

Where is your favorite place to shop? Do you buy anything other than running clothes? When is your next marathon?

8 thoughts on “A Shopping Marathon? Now there’s one I could place in!

  1. It’s nice to know God approves of your shopping trips. That’s a great reason to keep on shopping!

    Sounds like a great race schedule for you. After Space Coast, I’m taking a couple months off from races until A1A in February. February will be a heavy race month for me.

    • I’m probably going to regret it but hate that our half season is so short. From May to October is just so blah, so I feel the need to sign up for everything I can when I can! LOL

    • It’s the 8th annual Clearwater Marathon in Clearwater, Florida. I’m excited about it because it was on hiatus for quite a few years and they just brought it back and the course is beautiful! I’m hoping I can take pictures but most of it is along the Gulf of Mexico and over a few bridges. Can you tell how excited I am? LOL

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