5 miles, driving dogs, peacock pals, this is my life.

It’s totally Tuesday already! Don’t you think the time goes by so much faster in the fall and winter with the clocks changing back?

This morning I left bright and early and ran 5 miles around the neighborhood. I was going to do 6 or 7 but the peacocks showed up and I decided to hang with them for a while. They are such interesting creatures.

Peacocks in the Hood


I am not pushing myself with running this week because I’d really like to do well in the Women’s Running half-mary this weekend. I have been eating a new protein bar for the last few weeks for fueling instead of using gels, and it seems to help with the stomach issues. I’m crossing my fingers that all goes well this weekend. I eat a bar about an hour before my long run and then drink only water, no Gatorade, and so far that’s worked for me. And I really do like the protein bars too, but you’ll find out more about them next week because somebody’s going to have a giveaway!

After my run this morning, I had to make a quick trip to the bank, or rather banks, because we aren’t normal people and we use four. Don’t even ask, really, I can’t even explain. All I know is that I had to go to two of them today and Hank insisted on driving.

Driving DachshundI don’t mind letting Hank drive but he gets a little impatient in traffic and the little shit blows the horn so much that it gets irritating. Not to mention the angry stares I get from other drivers, well, until they realize it’s a dachshund driving, and then they just sort of stare.

For breakfast this morning, I had more Star Wars ships and I have to say, I look forward to a sequel more and more each day, He heh, jedi humor. I spent the rest of the day working and then MacGyver came home and took me to an early dinner at one of our favorite places, The Grindhouse Bar and Grill.

The Grindhouse

Two for one shepherd’s pie and chicken parmesan on Tuesdays and you can’t beat that. If you live anywhere near Clearwater, Florida, you should go here. It’s a fun place with tons of drink specials and pretty good food too. We live really close by so we go there quite a bit.

Now, for those of you who love my animal pictures, here is a special treat, a video of the Peafowl (that’s technically what they’re called), in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, they have just finished mating so they have lost most of their tail feathers but they are still quite beautiful and surprisingly tame.

Hope your having a stellar Tuesday and may the force be with you!

Do you have any strange animals in your neighborhood?

6 thoughts on “5 miles, driving dogs, peacock pals, this is my life.

    • I have a black lab topping out at 125 and he tries to drive but he just cant quite reach the wheel from the back of the SUV, he can however, open the sunroof by himself and pop his head out and he does that frequently. I have to be real careful when it’s raining, LOL

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