10 Stocking Stuffers every runner would love and you can actually afford!

Yay, it’s Friday! Friday, Friday, Friday!

I slept like crap last night. At first I couldn’t figure out why. I woke up with cramps in my legs and I felt like I had slept in a box or something. After getting out of the shower, I walked back into the bedroom to get dressed, and there it was staring me right in the face, the reason I didn’t, (and don’t often), sleep well:

Boomer needs a new bed

I think I’ll be shopping for a Boomer bed this weekend!

I took the day off from running today. I have a long run to do on Saturday so I wanted to rest my legs for a day and make sure they’re nice and strong. Taking the day off gave me some extra time so, as promised, I’ve got the absolute best stocking stuffer gift list and it will satisfy any runner on your list!

Let’s face it, running is expensive. In fact, running is the most expensive free sport I’ve ever participated in. But you don’t have to break the bank this year, everything on this list is affordable and I’ve kept the price points under $30. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers, a secret Santa gift, or just an affordable gift for a friend, this list will have it.

*Most of the products in this list are items that I regularly use or have used in the past. This is not a sponsored post and I am not receiving any compensation from any of the manufacturers of the products listed but if any of them want to send me a check or some free stuff, I’m all about it.

I now present to you, the Stocking Stuffers every Runner wants and needs that you can actually afford!

Hand Held Water BottleHand held Water Bottle







Hand Held Water Bottle

I don’t like to use my hydration belt or camelback unless I’m doing a long run and I don’t usually bring a water bottle if I’m running under an hour but for all of those runs in between, which is 3-4 a week, a hand held water bottle is perfect.

Here are two choices: The Sportline Hydra Grip fingers free water bottle – I have this one and I love it. It’s light and I still have full use of my fingers . This bottle holds about 12oz. The Nathan quickdraw Plus – I also have this water bottle and I love it too. This one holds a bit more than the first one, 22oz.


SPIbelt is the original small personal item belt. A non-bounce hip holder perfect for running and to carry a cell phone, ipod, emergency medical stuff & more. I never run without it since getting one and I don’t know how I ever survived without it before. I use it to carry my phone, keys, money, protein bars, sweedish fish, gummi bears and any other form of candy I can fit in the thing.


foam rollerFoam Roller

Foam rolling smooths and lengthens your muscles. It helps with blood circulation which speeds recovery and boosts your performance. Every runner can use a good foam roller and you can purchase them at just about any sporting goods store, at Walmart or on Amazon.com. I have 3 of them including 2 from Walmart and I love all of them. My philosophy is: any foam roller is better than no foam roller.


The StickStick

The Portable Stick is great for runners who like to travel and works wonders for the legs. It’s less bulky than the foam rollers so it’s easy to travel with. I also like to use mine on really sore areas or problematic areas that need a little bit more attention and sometimes to bonk MacGyver over the head so it serves double duty in my house. I purchased mine from Amazon.com.


Arm Warmers

Asics Arm Warmers are great. I live in Florida and it never really gets too cold, but Arm Warmerssome mornings are chilly. It doesn’t take long to warm up though, so long sleeves and sweatshirts are not always a good idea; unless you are comfortable running in a sauna and then by all means, have your party. For those of us who are normal, enter arm warmers. They’re perfect because as you get warmer you just slide them down or completely off. I found them at amazon.com. There are other brands as well (I also have Nike arm warmers) and you can find them in just about any running store, sporting goods store or amazon.com.


MagnetsCar Magnets

What runner isn’t proud of their accomplishments? I am, and that’s why I wear my medals around on random days throughout the week. Kidding. I do have a few car magnets though and I rotate them depending on what I’m currently scheduled to race, or what I’m training for or I coordinate them with the medal I’m wearing. This company has loads of car magnets and at great prices. You could buy one for every runner on your list and still not break the bank.



An led headlamp is great for any runner that runs at night. I am fortunate that MacGyver is a hunter so I’ve had a headlamp for years, and even though I rarely run at night, I would never run without it. I also use mine for riding my ATV, going to the bathroom in the woods at night, and looking for my contact lenses on the bathroom floor. I found one here and it’s reasonably priced but you can probably find them at just about any sporting goods store.


black-short-0712__60542__76813_1341561620_350_410ProCompression Trainer Socks

I have these socks and I pretty much wear them every day. I suggest you rotate them though because we runners can get some stinky feet. They are awesome for every day running and are lightweight with a built in stabilizer. I love them. You can purchase them here.


Silk Running Ties

Silk tie for runnerFor the male runner on your list, I found these silk ties online and I think they’re awesome. You could get one for female runners too I suppose, if they like ties. I personally do not wear ties, okay, I haven’t worn a tie since the 80’s anyway.


Running Jewelryrunning jewelry

And for the female runner, I love this running chick necklace. I have a similar one and I wear it all the time. You can actually visit etsy and search running jewelry and you’ll find all kinds of interesting and unique things. And if you want to buy me something, I don’t mind, really, I don’t.

And that concludes the list!

Did I miss anything? Is there something you’d like to see on here that I forgot? Please tell me in the comments. And if you like the list, tell me that too, or leave a random comment. The point is, I love comments, I’m a comment junkie, so go ahead, leave one.

18 thoughts on “10 Stocking Stuffers every runner would love and you can actually afford!

    • I think you will love them but let me know what you think and I’d be interested in hearing how you like the skirtsports arm warmers, I’ve never tried them.

  1. Which dog keeps you from sleeping? We have a little wiener dog and she takes up the entire bed! 🙂
    I would love a foam roller for the holidays, then I could retire my rolling pin!

    • Yay, another doxie owner! They are just the best little dogs besides black labs…
      It’s the lab that takes up most of our bed. The wiener dog cuddles and likes to be close, but poor Boomer has no idea that he’s big and he just loves to stretch out and when he does he takes up 75% of the bed. I’m totally a sucker though and I cant kick them out.
      I hope you get a foam roller. I have 3 of them (and 2 rolling pins and a stick) and I use them all the time. They are seriously the best thing ever and I even let my husband use them after rowing the kayak or biking and he loves them too. Let me know if you get one and what kind and I’d love to know how you like it. 🙂

  2. ah the old ‘dogs in the bed’ problem. I suffered with it for years. So many wakeful nights sleeping on the tiny corner of a bed shared with two dogs and a 6 foot 2 boyfriend. In the end I had to make a stand and the dogs were banished to baskets under the kitchen table (there was a lengthy period of scratching at the bedroom door until they got used to this). Then I subscribed to Netflix and the boyfriend falls asleep on the sofa 3 nights out of 7. Bliss. 🙂 I love the gift list for runners _ I would forward this to my partner but I worry he would read my comment and realize my dastardly scheming…

    • HAHA! That’s awesome. My husband falls asleep to that show ‘how it’s made’ and really, who wouldn’t, right. If he were to fall asleep on the sofa, Boomer would be right by his side so I think I am going to take a little chapter out of your book and find some of those episodes..stat! 🙂

    • Thank you. Being married to a cheaps…uh, budget conscience guy, I have learned to look for the best price and I wanted to created something that anyone could afford, glad you liked it and thanks for commenting.

    • I hope you get the foam roller, you will love it! I use mine so much I sometimes think our relationship is a bit unhealthy. he heh

  3. Great list. I have a runner girl medallion necklace with a small 13.1 medallion from Etsy they have great options for runners. I wear it everyday to remind me I can do more than I think I can.

  4. Great list! I was actually in the middle of putting together my post on gifts for runners when I opened the email to get to your post. Running books are a nice, affordable gift (especially on Amazon!) too.

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