Tomorrow is race day, no commercial vehicles allowded.

Ya’ll I’m racing tomorrow. I didn’t run today because I wanted to run on fresh legs. I’m not sure how fresh they are though because I think once you get past a certain age, your ‘use before date’ is always expired and that sums up how I feel; but that doesn’t mean I won’t give it my all because I will.

Here’s the shirt and the bib I picked up today.

Pretty in Pink 15KThis racing series is sponsored by Premiere Racing Institute and American Running Company. There isn’t much in the way of swag, actually, there is no swag, but the prices are reasonable and generally the races are fun and competitive.

So, I’ve laid out my clothes for tomorrow and I’ve got the Garmin charged and all of my stuff is ready to go.

Race Clothes

The last thing I do to prepare is take a look at the course. And I have to say this looks like the most boring course ever. It’s a figure 8…twice. What the hell?

Pretty in Pink Race Course

The good news is that my SIL and her husband are in town for the week and the family is coming out tomorrow to support me and cheer me on so it should be a fun race no matter what.

I’ll update you on Sunday nite….

In the meantime, check out this sign the Kid pointed out at the local Publix Supermarket…

Spelling Fail

Great find, kid. I can’t believe they haven’t noticed it…but then again, I didn’t either…

Are you running a race this weekend?

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