That time the turtle almost beat me

Happy Tuesday, how are you?

This post may be a little random and all over the place so I apologize. MacGyver just informed me that we have to pick up our boat and since we need to go down to Venice we might as well just stay a few days and finish building the boat enclosure. Yeah, and you know I’m all over that cause I’m so spontaneous and all….NOT!

Anyhow, I managed to get my 5 mile run in this morning and can I just say the difference between 72 and 77 degrees might as well just be 100 because the cooler morning temps we had last week are gone, gone, gone. This morning it was hotter than Ryan Gosling with no shirt holding a puppy! Yeah, that hot!!

Considering the temperatures, I was feeling pretty good about my 5 mile tempo run, but then I came upon this thing:

huge snapping turtle

Now, normally we have soft shell turtles in the pond behind our house and they are rather huge and sometimes, they get out. I usually gently move them out of the road and point them back toward the pond. I think it’s such a shame for these old turtles to get hit by vehicles.

This turtle however, was not and I repeat NOT a soft shell. He was a snapping turtle and the largest snapping turtle I have ever seen! HUGE! He probably weighed 25 pounds at least. I tried to move his sorry butt except that he came after me.

No, for real, like emu and peacock came after my butt and he was a fast turtle. Does that even make sense?

large snapping turtle

I ran home to get MacGyver so he could help me move the snapping Sasquatch out of the road and away from traffic, because even though he wanted to bite me, I didn’t want to see him get hit.

I ran all the way to my house and through the garage and yelled to MacGyver, turned around and exited the garage, ran down the driveway, and BAM, there was speedy turtle, in the street in front of my house. He followed me. If I felt fast at all whatsoever those feelings were squashed, immediately.

A stranger passing by saw the turtle, and me, and MacGyver, and stopped to help. All three of us got him back into the pond behind my house. Speedy the turtle, (which is how he’s known around here now), also swims like a fish. Figures. Damn turtle will probably tri before I do. If he learns how to ride a bike, I’m toast.

Did you run today? Is it still hot where you live? Do you have snapping turtles near you?

8 thoughts on “That time the turtle almost beat me

  1. Uh… Wow. No, no turtles whatsoever here. I think I’ve only seen them in a tank at someone’s house! Too funny!

    It’s not warm here at all. In fact people are already wearing winter costs and gloves! I feel sorry for them when January comes around 😉 I am actually slightly concerned because I’m running a half this weekend in Lisbon and it is still fairly warm there! I haven’t really trained in the heat…

    • Oh my, coats and gloves…I’d be in trouble, I don’t think I own any. Good luck on your half and if I can give you any advice, I’d say make sure you drink enough water…sounds like a fun race. 🙂

    • I’m still waiting for that perfect weather….it’ll happen as soon as we move about 500 miles north! in other words…never. sigh

    • LOL, I really wanted to get a shot with my feet or something near him but he was so ornery and fast I was pretty sure he would have bitten me but he was bigger than the 5 gallon bucket MacGyver tried to put him in..

  2. I’m just south of you in Manatee county and you are so right about the heat. I did 3 miles this morning and it was brutal. I get so discouraged reading all the blogs of up North runners and their cooler temps!!! I love your blog!

    • Hi Karen,
      Thank you! So glad to hear from other Florida runners who understand the heat and humidity. I’m in the Clearwater area but also have a place in Venice. Manatee is kind of right between if I’m not mistaken, maybe I’ll see you at a race sometime soon.

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