Saturday is for shopping and spooktacular race preparation, or not.

Saturday is for shopping! Okay, well maybe not technically but that’s what I did for most of it. I still managed to run 4 miles this morning. I typically do not run the day before a race but since I took Friday off to go shopping, (yes, more shopping), I ran a little tempo run this morning, you know before I went shopping. Do you notice a pattern here? Race prep zero, shopping, ton! NICE.

It was beautiful outside today. Nice and cool.

Tomorrow is the Frankenfooter half! I am not sure I am completely prepared for it, but we’ll see what happens. I haven’t really followed any of my usual training routines in the past few weeks so I’m a little off my game. The one thing I am grateful for is that tomorrow’s weather is going to be beautiful. Low 60’s in the morning with a high of 80. Sweet!

Frankenfooter half

Unfortunately it will be in the high 80’s again by mid-week and that sorta sucks an egg for me because I half another half next Sunday…oh well. Anyway, I picked up my race packet today and got to see the set up for tomorrows race, and if anything, it looks like a ton of fun; so I am really looking forward to having a good time more than anything else.

If you’re running the frankenfooter half tomorrow, good luck to you! And if you aren’t, what race are you running? Or are you doing a long run?

6 thoughts on “Saturday is for shopping and spooktacular race preparation, or not.

  1. I did a 10-miler today at the Monster Dash here in Minnesota. I’m thinking tomorrow will be a rest day since I gave it all I had today. The weather here is supposed to turn and snow is forecast for Monday. Might be a good week to take it easy! Have a GREAT run tomorrow!!

    • Thank you. Congrats on the 10-miler. I love snow, I haven’t seen it in years, (that’s probably why I love it), lol.

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