The Frankenfooter Half Marathon Race Recap and Review

On Sunday I ran the Frankenfooter Half Marathon. I wasn’t really sure how well I would do based on the fact that I’ve been a little lax in my training and a little heavy on the shopping for the past week or so. I’ve also had a few too many vacations over the last few months and so, well, you get the picture. Based on all of that I had decided to just go into the race with no expectations other than doing the best I could do and to have fun while doing it. There was also the matter of the costume. This was a costumed race, (not mandatory but suggested) and I was worried about being able to run comfortably in the costume that I chose, a sailor suit.

The Sailor costume

I didn’t choose it because it was cute or scary or sexy or whatever reason you would normally choose a costume. I chose it because a, it felt comfortable and light and I thought I could run in it reasonably well and b, it was cheap and came with all the accessories.

Apparently doing your best + having fun = a PR! 2:02:11 Not the sub 2 that I secretly worked for but close, oh so close.

I left for the race around 6:15am. It’s about a 40 minute drive from my house with light traffic so with no traffic we should have gotten there in about 30 minutes… but that’s not what happened. We got half way to the race when I realized I had forgotten my fuel and my spibelt so we hurried back and then got on the road again. I wasn’t sure how long the lines for the bathroom would be so we stopped at a gas station close to the park. We finally got to the race location around 7:30 and I promptly hit the bathroom line again. (3 cups of coffee before a race, not my best idea ever.)

While standing in the bathroom line, I saw Meg. You may remember her from my post about the running group I ran with.

Me and Meg at the Frankenfooter half

Can we just talk a minute about her outfit, I mean, how cute is that skirt and headband? It is adorable!

The morning temperature was cool and around 57 degrees. The race was supposed to start at 8 but was delayed by 10 or 15 minutes which worried me because I knew it would get much hotter once the sun came up. The race route ran through the waterfront areas of Port Richey and finished at Gill Dawg Marina.

When the race started my feet were really cold and my toes were a bit numb but I wanted to start out conservatively and finish strong.

Frankenfooter start line

I ran the first mile in 9:21, a bit slower than I wanted to but still okay. I ran the second mile in 9:03 which was a bit too fast but I still couldn’t feel my toes and I wanted to warm up. It was at this point I made a crucial decision. Because it was cold but it wouldn’t stay that way for long, I decided to go ahead and speed up for the first half of the race. I knew if I didn’t speed up now, I wouldn’t be able to once it got hotter. So I ran mile 3 in 8:43, mile 4 in 8:35 and mile 5 in 8:49. I didn’t stop for water or anything during the first 5 miles. Mile 6 I ran in 8:51 and in mile 7 I stopped for water and finished that one in 9:22. I was making great time. At this point, I was on track for a sub 2 and I just needed to keep it up. Unfortunately, after the water at mile 7 I got a side stitch and it got only got worse.

I finished mile 8 in 9:17 but in mile 9, the side stitch got intense and I finished mile 9 in 9:45. I averaged 9:53 for the last 4 miles as the stitch came and went and I had to walk a bit here and there. If not for the side stitch, I think I could have finished in under 2 but who knows for sure, official time, 2:02:11. I normally do not ever get side stitches but I had some problems with my exercise induced rhinitis this past week and I think I may have been breathing incorrectly to compensate. It was still a good race and I don’t think I would change anything.

frankenfooter finish lineAfter the race I finally got to meet Denise from the Tampa Bay Bloggers. She is such a sweetheart and I am so glad I was able to meet her before I had to leave.

Me and Denise Frankenfooter half

Overall, it was a very enjoyable race and I would definitely run it again next year.

Here are the race particulars:

Location: Port Richey, Florida

Host: Gill Dawg Runnin of Port Richey, Florida

Race Fee: Cyber Monday Special: $30.00 – ONLINE ONLY (November 26, 2012)

Through June 30: $55.00

July 1-August 31: $65.00

September September 30: $75.00

October 1-October 22: $85.00

No race day registration was available.

Packet Pickup: I picked my packet up at Gill Dawg Marina on Saturday. The marina was a bit hard to find because I’m not that familiar with Port Richey but the pick-up itself was easy and there were no lines at all.

Parking: We were worried that parking might be an issue but we got there 30 minutes before race start and had no problems at all.

Support Crew: There were several water stops but I think they could have had a few more. I did get a gel at mile 7 even though I didn’t use it. Before the start they mentioned fruit at some of the stops but I don’t remember seeing any fruit at all on the course. I may have been preoccupied but I don’t think I saw any and I only remember being offered Gatorade twice.

Swag and Bling: Unfortunately there wasn’t really any swag at this race other than a free drink card for Hooters. The bling was pretty cool though, check it out:

Frankenfooter Race Bling

After Party: I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t able to stay for the after party so I can’t really give you an honest opinion but I saw some runners drinking beer down by the waterfront and they looked like they were having a blast.

Overall: Overall I think this is a well-organized, smaller race that was a lot of fun and I will definitely run it again.

What do you think about costumed races? Like em or leave em?

The PR that shocked even me.

You may have heard that I ran a little half marathon today. I did. The Frankenfooter half marathon. What you might not know is……………

I got myself another lil PR! Woo Hoo! I know, I can’t even believe it. All of the training that I missed in lieu of shopping and I still got a PR, unbelievable. I am starting to rethink my strategy. Mind you, I didn’t get the sub two that I was secretly working on but I came in at 2:02:11, 4th place in my age group. Not bad but I’m still eyeing that sub 2…..hard. And I’ll get another chance next weekend.

Frakenfooter half marathon

Yes, I was a sailor girl.

I will have a full race recap report tomorrow but it was a really fun race and I finally got a chance to meet this girl, one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and cute as can be.

After the race, I had to leave pretty quickly because my Mom wanted to do some more…say it with me….Shopping!

And can I just say that running a half or even a full marathon does not even compare to the shopping that my Mom can do. If there was a sale at Macy’s and my Mom had to run a marathon first, Paula Radcliffe would be in jeopardy because my Mom would shatter her record, no lie. She’d kill it. You DO NOT mess with my Mom and a sale, ever.

Needless to say, I am exhausted. All the shopping has worn me out. Mom is making a huge Pasta dinner so we can refuel and get out there again tomorrow. After all, I am training for another race next weekend….

Did you race this weekend? How’d you do?

Saturday is for shopping and spooktacular race preparation, or not.

Saturday is for shopping! Okay, well maybe not technically but that’s what I did for most of it. I still managed to run 4 miles this morning. I typically do not run the day before a race but since I took Friday off to go shopping, (yes, more shopping), I ran a little tempo run this morning, you know before I went shopping. Do you notice a pattern here? Race prep zero, shopping, ton! NICE.

It was beautiful outside today. Nice and cool.

Tomorrow is the Frankenfooter half! I am not sure I am completely prepared for it, but we’ll see what happens. I haven’t really followed any of my usual training routines in the past few weeks so I’m a little off my game. The one thing I am grateful for is that tomorrow’s weather is going to be beautiful. Low 60’s in the morning with a high of 80. Sweet!

Frankenfooter half

Unfortunately it will be in the high 80’s again by mid-week and that sorta sucks an egg for me because I half another half next Sunday…oh well. Anyway, I picked up my race packet today and got to see the set up for tomorrows race, and if anything, it looks like a ton of fun; so I am really looking forward to having a good time more than anything else.

If you’re running the frankenfooter half tomorrow, good luck to you! And if you aren’t, what race are you running? Or are you doing a long run?