My run today in pictures…

This morning I ran 6 miles on the Legacy Trail and the Venetian Waterway Park Trail with my SIL who rode the bike and was kind enough to take some beautiful pictures. So here is my run today…in pictures. Hope you enjoy and if you’ve ever down this way, you really have to run this beautiful trail….really.

Legacy Trail

Legacy Trail

Legacy Trail Bridge

Legacy Trail Bridge

Legacy Trail Bridge

The Legacy Trail Venice

The Venice Train Depot Legacy Trail

Venetian Waterway Park Trail

Venetian Trail

Venetian Waterway Trail Park

Venetain Waterway Trail


I have a lot more pictures but wordpress keeps eating them.

What’s your favorite Trail? Do you have any pictures of it? Why do you love it so much?

8 thoughts on “My run today in pictures…

    • I was asking my SIL about Ashburn and how close it is to her and she told me her best friends live in Ashburn, small world we live in.

    • Thanks Celia, it’s something I’ve wanted to do forever and my SIL was kind enough to come along and take the pics. Plus she really is an awesome photographer and I’ll be posting some of her pics very soon…

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