I’m stressing hard over my upcoming race, (illustrations with Hank).

This morning I ran 6 miles around the neighborhood. It wasn’t pretty. I questioned myself the entire run. Why am I not as fast as I was last month? What was I doing differently? Did I change my form? Is it affecting my speed? What the hell is going on?

Hank the Dachshund

Oh, I get it. It’s the week before a half marathon. I’m just stressing out.

The week before any big race I always stress a little but the weird part is, I can stop myself from stressing over my physical abilities because I believe my body is strong enough to run the race. It’s the mental things that kill me because I rely on certain things to get me through the tough parts and ease my mental game. That is what stresses me most.

Let me start with my Garmin. We have a love hate relationship. I love my Garmin, (even though I really want the new Garmin Forerunner 620), but when it doesn’t work correctly, I hate it. So, what do you think happened when I was running this morning? Yeah, It stopped working. I did a hard reset this afternoon but that doesn’t guarantee that it will work properly on race day and how will I ever pace myself without it?

The second thing is my Ipod and my headphones. Will my Ipod lose power before the end of the race? Will my sweaty self cause it to short-circuit? Should I bring a backup? Will the earbuds fall out of my ears? Should I go buy new ones? Will they irritate me half way through? I’ve decided to carry a battery operated mp3 player with a brand new battery and some earbuds I’ve been wearing and actually like for the last 2 weeks. Will the music fail me? Who knows, but I hope not.

music lovin dachshund

The last thing is the costume. The one thing I always tell people is NEVER run in something you haven’t worn before. You don’t know if it will irritate you and it may be uncomfortable or worse cause chaffing, but how on Earth am I supposed to try out a costume before this run? I can’t. So I’m going to have to hope I’ve chosen something that is going to be comfortable and not let me down.

Frankenweenie Dachshund

All this stress is giving me a headache.

I’m just going to go out there and have fun. It sucks to rely on all those ancillary things and I don’t like the fact that I do. When all else fails, I’m just going to rely on the help of those around me.

Hank the swimming dachshund

Do you stress out this much before a big race? What’s the thing that stresses you out the most?

2 thoughts on “I’m stressing hard over my upcoming race, (illustrations with Hank).

  1. Breathe – you’ve got this 🙂 Love the Franken-weenie, by the way.

    I don’t race but I can get wiggy when I have an art deadline (always seems like 3 things I committed to months ago end up being due the same weekend).

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