If the grass isn’t green, change your scene, Motivation that works!

You hear runners talk about it a lot, especially when training for a marathon or half marathon, how to stay motivated.

Yesterday I was reading this blog and the gist of the post is about staying motivated or getting back your motivation. I read the post and a lot of the comments and there were many things mentioned that I tend to do. They talked about things like reading running magazines, watching inspirational videos, buying new running clothes or new running shoes, listening to new music or podcasts, having a running mantra, and revisiting your goals.

All good stuff, don’t get me wrong, but when you’ve been running for quite a few years, sometimes you need to dig deeper, and if you are anything like me then you probably have that one fool-proof plan or thing that works for you when nothing else will.

Mine is a change of scenery. It works every time.

Running past the same things day after day can get old very quickly. I also have a hard time keeping myself motivated when I know how far I have left to go, or if there is a large hill ahead or a bridge I hate; and if I run my regular route a lot slower than normal then I start to worry about my time and if my training is effective and what I’m doing wrong and on and on and on. And there is also the anxiety that comes from knowing where all the ‘bad dogs’ are and in my case, peacocks or emu’s and sometimes turtles. If you’re already fighting with your mind, all of those ancillary things will surely seal the deal and your motivation will wane.

So, why not change the scenery. Finding new running routes or revisiting ones you haven’t been to in a while is exciting. It helps me recharge and I try to do it at the slightest hint that I’m becoming bored.

For months I’ve been watching construction on a new pedestrian bridge that runs adjacent to the Courtney Campbell Causeway over Tampa Bay and I have been super excited about it.

It’s open! What a great way to super charge my running and re motivate…… so today…I ran it and Oh. My. God…

Courtney Campball Bridge Trail CC Bridge Trail

New Pedestrian Bridge

Bridge run

Courtney Campbell trail bridge



finishing my bridge run

It was spectacular! It was epic. It made my whole day. If you live in the Tampa Bay area or near here, run this as soon as possible; or hop on a plane and I’ll meet you there. I swear!

What gets you motivated? Do you like running new paths?

5 thoughts on “If the grass isn’t green, change your scene, Motivation that works!

    • It was a blast, not real long though only around 7 miles but still fun. You can run it with me anytime, just say the word….

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