I need your help, please comment below.

We’re back in Clearwater and our vacation is over πŸ™

I love having family here. We always have such a great time showing them all of the things that we love to do; and we are so lucky and blessed because almost everyone in our family likes the same things we do.

Posing with Sea life

Even posing with statues of sea life…

Unfortunately it is still crazy humid and hot here. Way warmer than we should be this time of year….87 in Clearwater and muggy. I ran 7.5 miles this morning despite the weather but I just couldn’t hang for anymore and I had to slow it way down just so I could breathe because the air felt so thick and humid. But look at the forecast:

7 day forecast

I can’t wait til the end of the week and I have some half marathons coming up for the next few weekends so I hope it stays in the 70’s and low 60’s in the mornings….*crossing fingers!

I am still trying to find a costume for my half marathon on Sunday…I have no idea what to wear. I am so worried about being comfortable and not too hot. We don’t have to worry about being cold, it’s Florida after all, and I never get cold anyway. Well, maybe I would if it dipped below 50 but that aint happenin, so, that’s that.

Here are a few more pics from my vacation that WordPress ate the other day:

The dolphins of Downton Venice:

Dolphins of downtown Venice

Creatures that have recently visited our boat:

things we've had on our boat Now, here is your mission, should you choose to accept it:

In the comments below, send me your suggestions for a costume for my half marathon, along with ideas for accessories, etc, and why you think it would be a good costume for me. C’mon, what would be an awesome costume? I’m waiting….

6 thoughts on “I need your help, please comment below.

    • That’s a great idea especially considering how much I love sea life…I’m not sure if I’m creative enough to pull it off though..

  1. Cheerleader or even a zombie cheerleader… Then u could wear a cute little running skirt. By the way sorry I missed seeing u lay Sunday at pretty in pink. You had a great run!

    • Hey Cheryl, did you hear me yell ‘Go Cheryl’ at the start of the bridge when you ran by? You did awesome! I was at the porta potties below when you guys took off, where else, right? LOL, I love the Zombie Cheerleader idea especially because I love the Walking Dead. πŸ™‚

  2. I Dream of Jeannie. Lightweight fabric, you’re blond.. it all works!
    (I loved that show when I was little, and my grandmother made me that costume one year.)

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