How to strategize for a race with a top secret map.

Good day runners and others! Hope it’s going well for you. This morning I got my butt up at the crack of dawn and I ran 7 miles. It felt awesome. While it’s getting a bit warmer outside, it was still pretty cool this morning with a temperature of 68 and it was so nice. I love cooler weather.


I am working on my strategy for the half marathon this weekend and I practiced negative splits this morning. I’d prefer to run negative splits if I can do it, because I always end up with a better overall time. I tried to find an accurate map of the race course online but I had been told it may be changing. So I couldn’t really rely on anything that I found online and that sorta sucked because if I knew the course and whether it was flat, hilly or a bit of both, I could be a bit better prepared and at least come up with some sort of strategy. I like to know what I’m up against so I can plan out my splits mile per mile if possible; or develop an escape plan, you know, whatever works.

Finally, this afternoon I got an email from the race director. The email subject was: Blue Moon ½ Marathon and 5K map release!

Wait wut? Was the map a top secret? Is there a reason we couldn’t see it before? I pondered on that for a moment and then clicked on the link. In essence, here’s most of what I saw:

map of race course

Notice anything? I don’t know about you but I’m a little concerned about miles 7 and 12, or rather the fact that there are two of them. Am I just reading this wrong? Please tell me I’m not as navigationally challenged as I think I am. This map looks all kinds of f’d up, doesn’t it? Maybe mile 7 is just a continuation from where it is first posted but what is going on with mile 12? So much for my preparation, if I had to go by this map I think I’d be even more confused, so I’m just gonna wing it and follow the dude on the bike. Yep, that’s my strategy.

Or maybe I could use this next strategy. This guy decided to play a little prank on some runners and others in a local park. This would definitely help me pick up my pace:

Anybody wanna volunteer to prank me? Scare me into the win? Or a PR at least? Anybody?

Now tell me, is there something I may be missing on this map? Have you ever had a hard time figuring out a race course?

8 thoughts on “How to strategize for a race with a top secret map.

  1. Who made that map? I think they are the ones that are navigationally challenged, and obviously don’t proof read anything either! Good luck figuring this one out.

    I must admit that flying skeleton would totally freak me out, too!

    • I know right? I was shocked when I saw it and I kept thinking all day that they would send another email with an updated, (maybe correct) map but no, nothing. I’m sticking to the plan of following the guy on the bike. Since he’s in the lead, maybe I’ll get another PR and not lost!

  2. I checked out the map and I just think it was an oversight by whoever created it. If you follow the mile markers, there’s definitely some confusion with all the doubling over the course. I’m sure you could contact the race headquarters to ask for some clarification. Good Luck!

    • It took me about 10 minutes to realize that there was something really wrong with it, LOL. I did email them and I’m hoping they correct it to prevent any future confusion but I’m going to stick with my plan and follow the bike, he heh.

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