Cabin, Camping, Mudding, Scorpions and 6 miles today.

Good Morning! I’m back from Holopaw and our trip to the cabin. We got in late last nite.

I got up this morning and it was raining. Like crazy rain. Not the kind of rain that’s fun to run in but blowing in 4 directions and up your nose kind of rain. So I ran on the treadmill, 6 miles, negative splits. I started out at a 9:50 pace and ended at an 8 minute pace with a half mile warm up and half mile cool down. I’d love to tell you what pace I ran each mile at, but my treadmill doesn’t tell me what my splits are, just the overall time which was 56:55 and (say it with me) since I still don’t have the new Garmin Forerunner 620 which works on a treadmill now, I have no idea what my splits were either. Oh Garmin, how I love thee…and wish I had the new Forerunner 620…

So, back to this weekend. As I mentioned last week we went to our Cabin which is in Suburban Estates, a recreational area in Holopaw, Florida. We left very early in the morning and the sunrise was gorgeous:

Florida Sunrise

Every time we go to the cabin we pass my favorite roadside attraction, I call it, Airstream Stonehenge.

Buried Airstreams

We drive through Osceola County to get there and this is the Lake, it’s really pretty.

Lake Osceola

Our cabin is located in a recreational use only area. Translation: there is no electrical power. We built this cabin with blood, sweat, tears (mine) and a generator, literally.

Our Cabin in Holopaw

My dogs love to photobomb…Hanks running form is pretty impressive. We aren’t finished with the inside of the cabin yet, but it’s coming along.

Inside of Cabin

Inside of Cabin

Yes, we do relax a lot when we’re there but it’s very rural as I said; but it is also beautiful.

Cabin Landscape

And there are fun things to do…Ride ATV’s, motorcycles and mud trucks!

Muddin in Suburban Estates 20131006_181015 20131006_181441 20131006_182024

Hank is one mean mudder:

muddin dachshund

He was looking for Honey Boo Boo, sadly, she was not there.

Sometimes, when your four wheelin you’ll see the most beautiful scenery:

yellow flowers and water lillies 20131006_181529

And pretty cool bugs

Florida Bark Scorpion

That, my friends, is a Florida Bark Scorpion. The arent fatal, however, their sting is pretty painful. They live in the barks of the pine trees and are nocturnal. We found this one on a piece of wood we had just brought into the cabin.

Florida Bark Scorpion

They can grow up to 4 inches long. This one was about 1 and 1/2 inches. No one was stung in case you’re wondering. We’re pretty careful when we go out there.

Anyway, we are now home and life is back to normal for at least a week until my SIL and her husband come to visit next week, oh, and I have a race coming up, or 4… 🙂

Did you do anything exciting this weekend? Do you ever go camping? Do you like it? Did you run today?

6 thoughts on “Cabin, Camping, Mudding, Scorpions and 6 miles today.

  1. Great negative splits on your treadmill run! Woot! Love, love, love the picture of Hank hanging out the window. He looks like one happy pup! 🙂

    You can keep your bark scorpion, and I’ll keep my stink bugs!

    • Yeah, I think stink bugs would be a much better choice, the bark scorpions are cool to look at from afar but up close and personal, not so much.

  2. Hey Flower love the cabin and rustic views. I’m home today after a lovely colonoscopy this am.. All good though I had precancerous polyps 4 years ago, none today so I’m good for 10 years …. Getting old is do much fun….. Ran 20 miles over the weekend ( before all the colonoscopy prep ) 51 miles total for the week …. Obviously no running this morning or I’d have to bring along a pooper scooper ( grosssss)! Hopefully ill be copper in the am and will get done miles in before work!!! I am running the pretty in pink Sunday but just the 5k unfortunately…. Hopefully ill see u there!

    • Oh you poor thing, I hope you feel better soon! I’ve been there and it’s no fun. I am so glad your running on Saturday and I will be looking for you. I am running the 15K and considering our weather lately, it’s probably going to be pure torture..I am ready for a little cooler temperature like now. 🙂

    • LOL, I confuse myself sometimes, hehe. I actually ran at the cabin the last time we were there and almost got nailed by a mud truck..needless to say, this time, I stayed on my ATV.

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