And sticky little tree frogs danced on my head….

It’s Wednesday already? How did that happen? This week seems to be flying by…

We are back from Venice. Yes, I know, it WAS a short trip. We got there around 7:30pm last nite and by the time we unloaded everything, it was dark.

And if you know anything at all about me or have read this blog more than once or twice, you know that creatures such as this and this tend to find stalk me. So it was no surprise to anyone when they heard me screaming my head off around 8:30ish last night because this little creature wanted a ride on my head:

Tree Frog

Yes. That IS a tree frog. And later in the evening he decided to jump on my leg, at which point I decided that outdoor Halloween decorations in a rental house aren’t really all that necessary and I abandoned that task and promptly went inside. Done.

I got up very early this morning and while MacGyver and our friend Brian worked on the boat enclosure thingy, I escaped for a 9 mile run…and it was pretty epic. Here’s a view of the water from the Legacy Trail:

Dona Bay

There were 4 manatees swimming there this morning and it was so serene.

9 mile run

If I had the new Garmin Forerunner 620 I’m sure I’d have all kinds of stats to share with you but Garmin isn’t caving in to my shameless plugs….I need that new Garmin, any ideas?

And don’t suggest that I purchase it because in case you didn’t already know, MacGyver is also known as Little Bird, because he is Cheap, Cheap!

After I got back to the house this morning, Hank decided that I didn’t get enough miles and he put his leash on and attached the handle to my hand and took me for a walk.

Hank walks Mommy

Legacy Trail

Legacy Trail Railroad Bridge

I planned on taking a gazillion pictures but Hank was a little frustrated with my pace and so I put down the camera and got to movin.

After we got back to the house, MacGyver went to get the boat and then we came back home. So, yeah, it was a very short trip.

And now, I am trying to re-arrange my training schedule because it’s not enough that it’s crazy hot here we may also be getting a tropical storm or hurricane. And even if we don’t MacGyver wants to go to the Cabin this weekend.

We really need to finish the walls and MacGyver wants to install some electrical outlets..(you know cause we only have a generator and no power). Men have totally different priorities than women. I would prefer a working bathroom myself, but MacGyver thinks a toilet chair behind a hill is perfectly suitable. Go figure. You have no idea how constipated I am every time we come home from there. And don’t get the wrong idea, I have no problem with going #2 outside, it’s the rattlesnakes that freak me out.

Anyway, whatever we’re doing, training must be modified. I have a 15k in around 11 days and then it’s half marathons and marathons for the next several months! I can’t lie, I’m pretty excited about it!

Do you ever have to modify your training schedule? Ever had a tree frog on your head?

8 thoughts on “And sticky little tree frogs danced on my head….

  1. Beautiful photos! Quite a start difference from the reds and yellows we have up here in Minnesota. I love that you call your hubster MacGyver. I could come up with a lot worse to call mine… 😉

  2. I love the natural beauty that fills your photos – if I had that stuff around me, I might become an ultra runner, just to stay out there longer 🙂 BUT, since I hate sharing my personal space with creatures sticky and/or poisonous, I guess I will settle for my concrete jungle here in Houston. Nice run, btw!

    • Thanks Nick! I am definitely a outdoorsy girl. Some of my friends call me Doolittle because all creatures, large and small, seem to seek me out. Some I like, some I can live without…

  3. So you have a MacGyver too? My husband thinks he is Holmes on Homes. Right now, I my toilet is sitting on my patio as a causality to a flooring project.. You know you’re Redneck when…

    Great job on the running! That trail looks gorgeous!

    • LOL, I tell all my friends that my house is a cross between a junk yard and a construction zone! It is a fantastic trail and if you start in Sarasota, you can run all the way to Caspersen Beach. I’m almost depressed to be back home. I have to run the ream wilson trail to Safety Harbor Marina tomorrow but I guess in all fairness, it’s not that bad 😉

  4. Is there any shade on the Legacy Trail? I have my longest run ever this Saturday (11 miles, my first half is 10/27), and I’m beyond bored with my routes here. Sarasota is 25 minutes from my house, so I would be running from there. I have a Dachshund too!
    P.S. I despise frogs!

    • There is some shade, fortunately for you, most of it is on the Sarasota side. 🙂 I would suggest that you bring water. Even thought the trailheads mostly all have water fountains, you have to run through the parks to find it in a lot of spots, it is there though. I usually just wear my hydration belt and fill up at the most accessible spot, (Oscar Sherer State Park). It is a great trail for long runs, and I highly recommend it. I run it every time we’re down there.

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