An Emu, a Wiener and a Haunted House, Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

This morning I ran an easy 5 mile route through the neighborhood and took lots of pictures which I thought I would share with you. These are mostly pics of the halloween decorations in the neighborhood as well as some of the decorations in my yard.

Enjoy and hope you have a safe and wonderful Halloween!

Halloween 2113

halloween 2013

Halloween Decorations



My neighbors actually put on a free haunted house for all the kids in the neighborhood and it’s open for 5 or 6 hours halloween night. The kids all love it and I think it’s great that they do this for free besides giving the kids loads of candy.

Haunted House

haunted house

And in case you thought I wouldn’t include some sort of exotic animal on a day like Halloween, here ya go:

Emu, dog

And here’s my baby boy all dressed up….and asleep.

Hank the Hotdog

What are your plans for Halloween?

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