A LONGish run where Pre outpaced me in the end…

Today I had a long run scheduled because I am racing on Sunday and I wanted to take a day off in between. I really should have run 17 miles because that’s what was on the schedule and I’m already behind by 2 weeks due to some rain and a cold earlier in my training, but 17 miles didn’t happen. 15 miles didn’t happen either, and 13 miles, nope, not even 11. Ten was the magic number and quite honestly, I can’t believe I even got to ten.

I felt great this morning. I got up really early but it was too dark to go running by myself so I cleaned around the house a bit and waited for the sun to start to rise. I left around 7:30 and still felt great. I ran a couple of miles around my neighborhood and then down to the Ream Wilson Trail.

Ream Wilson Trail

Since my 15K on Sunday is going to be on the Ream Wilson Trail, I wanted to run the route beforehand so that I could have some sort of plan on Sunday (even though I run this trail at least once a week). Anyway, around mile 5 I started to get really tired. My legs felt very heavy and since I had run a few miles in my neighborhood, I was only 3 miles into the actual race course.

Even though I wasn’t feeling it, I pushed on and ran down to Cooper’s Bayou. I was hoping the flat and shady path would motivate me but that didn’t happen. Instead I continued to feel tired and sluggish. I was at about 6.5 miles and I knew at that point that my body was tired and this wasn’t a mind thing

Coopers Bayou

Coopers Bayou

.Coopers Bayou Alligators

I made it to mile 7 and stopped for some water and walked a bit and while I was walking, my Garmin died. It gave up before I did, (this wouldn’t have happened if it were not so old and could hold a charge; or if it was the new shiny Garmin Forerunner 620, just sayin).

Luckily, I have a ridiculous case of OCD and I had the Sporty Pal App running, you know, in case I needed the backup, which I DID! So I began running again and I told myself, just get to ten. Ten is easy and you can do it. I got to 9.4, end of the trail and now I was headed into my neighborhood.

I wasn’t feeling too bad until I noticed I was getting outpaced. Seriously outpaced….by this guy:

Neighborhood Peacock

In case you can’t see him, here’s a close up:

Pre the Peacock

That’s Pre….the peacock.

Yeah, I knew it was over at that point. I ended the run at 10 miles. 1:52:22 Horrible time. I just couldn’t understand it. I took yesterday off, I was prepared, I felt strong, WTF?

Two hours later, I got the absolute worst migraine ever. I think my body may have been fighting it off all along. I’m going to brush this off, take the day off tomorrow and come back Sunday ready to race.

Did you run today? What do you do when you have a bad running day? Have you seen Pre the Peacock in your neighborhood?

10 thoughts on “A LONGish run where Pre outpaced me in the end…

  1. Happy to hear about the migraine subsiding and also nice getting another wildlife post to read lol! I can’t help but offer my two-cents-worth whenever I run into a migraine sufferer (there are actually two anecdotes–each one’s worth a cent)! In a former life (married to someone else), I used to get migraines all the time–invariably to the point of puking. I also used to get mega doses of aspartame by way of Diet Pepsi. I played hockey almost daily and re-hydrated with anywhere from four to five cans of the stuff when I got home. Got re-married about eight years ago, stopped drinking Diet Pepsi, and I haven’t had a migraine (or even a headache) since. Second anecdote. My current wife used to get migraines all the time. She then went gluten-free and hasn’t had a migraine since but still gets the occasional “nasty head”. There you go, you just got my two-cents-worth for free! Cheers!

    • Thanks Brian, I always like to hear about what other people have tried that actually worked. I cut out all soda years ago and it helped a ton and I just recently started drinking the occasional can again so you might have a valid point with that one.

  2. Sorry about the migraine. I used to get them too. I haven’t had one in a while, but I am sure that was the cause of your sluggish run. Hope you are feeling better soon!! Good luck on your race on Sunday!!

  3. Hope the migraine subsides quickly. I skipped my last training courtesy of a root canal. Have my second 20 miler on the plan for tomorrow morning. Crossing my fingers.

    • Thanks, I just hate migraines but I hate root canals even more, ouch. I hope your 20 miler goes off as planned and I hope your not in any pain from the root canal.

    • Oh, I hope so. I got a little jealous today when I though I saw a Garmin on Pre Peacock but it was just his awesome plumage. 🙂 That bird is hilariously fast and I’m talking when he runs. I think one day I’ll take a video. It’s so funny how he runs and looks back at me and then runs and looks back at me. He taunts me daily….

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