15 mile Long Run, Done, bring on the weekend!

Happy Friday! I love Fridays, don’t you? Maybe it’s the anticipation of the weekend or the fact that I normally take Fridays off from running so that I can bargain hunt but either way…I love me some Fridays!

No bargain hunting this morning though, nope. As mentioned above, I usually take Fridays off from running, but MacGyver and I are going to our cabin this weekend which means, I had to get my long run in…TODAY! Nice.

So, I got up bright and early this morning and sat on my butt for 2 hours and then headed out around 7:30ish and just for you, I took a lot of pictures.

I started out in my neighborhood and then ventured down to the Ream Wilson Trail.

Ream Wilson Trail

The Ream Wilson Trail goes down to Bayshore Blvd. in Safety Harbor and you can see the water while you’re running.

Bayshore, Safety Harbor

And at the end of Bayshore you come upon the Safety Harbor Marina and Pier

Safety Harbor Marina


Safety Harbor Pier

The sunrise was really beautiful this morning but our sunsets are a thing of pure beauty.

At the Pier, I realized I only had 8 miles done so I decided to run over to Phillipe Park.

Phillipe Park

Bridge to Phillipe Park

Pillipe Park

I know, I know, it is really hard to run here. All this beautiful scenery, it’s just miserable….but just in case you don’t believe me, take a look at this:

Phillipe Park

Phillipe Park

Once I ran through Phillipe Park, I turned around and ran the same path home, you know, cause the scenery is so bad and all. Fifteen miles, done.

I love the feeling of accomplishment I have after I’ve finished a long run. I feel like I could conquer anything. It’s such a great feeling.

When do you do your long run? What do you do if you can’t do it on your scheduled day?

10 thoughts on “15 mile Long Run, Done, bring on the weekend!

  1. Wow! What a gorgeous route! I wish I had the ocean to run by, but unfortunately I live in the desert and the only thing I see is sagebrush along my routes. You are very lucky!

    • It is pretty nice. I feel kinda bad sometimes when I complain about how hot it is..but I do love it. Thanks for stopping by.

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