What’s your training pace, here’s a calculator!

This morning I ran a 5 mile Tempo run. I wasn’t looking forward to any speed work but it must be done if I want to get any faster and I have a race coming up which is my achilles heel, the 10K.

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My favorite race distance is the half marathon but because I live in Florida and it’s hotter than hell here, there aren’t many half marathons happening from May through October. If you run any races during those months they are generally 5K’s and an occasional 10K. Because I’m normally training for marathons at this time of year, I don’t normally run any of these races. But you may or may not know that I signed up
for a half marathon as part of a series and so that’s the reason that I’m running a 10K.

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I ran a 5K last month and I actually PR’d, so I was pretty happy about it, and I have always done very well in half marathons, but I have never had much luck with 10K’s. In fact when it comes to a distance of 6.2 miles, I suck it, hard! I just choke.

I’m not sure why but what I can tell you is that in the past, I’ve either started too fast and ran out of speed too early or as in my last 10K, I started out too slow and couldn’t make up the time.

So, enter speed work…..I’ve been adhering to my speed workouts like Kim K. tweets, religiously. I get it done. I’m just hoping I can pull off a decent race in less than 2 weeks. I’m not going to be upset if I don’t have a stellar race or PR, but I really want to do well… or at least better than I have in the past.

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In case you’re wondering how I figure out what pace to train at during speed work outs, first, let me just say that I have been running for quite a few years and I’ve gotten to know my body and what works for me. That being said, there is a tool that I use occasionally and that I recommend from time to time, which can help you figure out what pace to train at.

The training paces calculator is an awesome tool. You enter the time and pace of a recent race and it calculates your training pace for easy runs, tempo runs, maximum oxygen, speed form, long runs and yasso 800s.

And if you want to know what your predicted finish time will be, use the race time predictor. Again, you enter a recent race time and distance and it will tell you what your projected finish time is starting with the 1500 and going all the way up to a full marathon. So, let’s say you’ve only run a 5K and you’ve been training for a 10K, you can use your 5K time to determine what your 10K finish time might be. Pretty cool, huh?

These are great tools, especially for new runners. If you haven’t used them, try them out and let me know what you think.

Do you have any tools or calculators that you use to help you with training?

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