Three things on Thursday

Happy Thursday! How you doin? I went for a 7 mile run this morning. Nice and Easy. I ran my favorite route which starts in Kapok Park. Kapok Park is a neat little park which has a ton of wild life. Everything from spoonbill cranes to turtles and even coyotes and wild boar. And that brings me to the first thing you need to know on three things Thursday…

This sign is really, really not necessary:

Dont feed the Gators

I run this path at least 3 days a week and I always see gators, as does everyone else in the park, and I’m pretty sure that no one has ever been stupid enough to molest the gators! (For the record, molesting a gator is harassing it in an aggressive manner.) As a matter of fact, I often run while staring down at the side of the road as I’ve encountered many a gator along my runs and I’ve almost ran over one on two separate occasions. It was kind of scary I might add.

Thing number 2 is actually a tip. Someone emailed me and asked me how I keep up with the amount of miles on my shoes considering I have so many. Well, it’s actually a quite simple and probably real old school method. I keep my shoes in the box they came in and each time I run in any pair I write the amount on the box. This morning I wore my new Mizuno’s again and so I added 7 to the 13 that was on the box, drew a line through 13 and wrote 20 under it. That’s it. Simple.

And the third thing that you really need to know is all about this really cool chart I found online quite some time ago.

I used to run on my treadmill all the time. If it’s raining or really cold ( not much chance of that in Florida) or really hot, I sometimes hop on the treadmill. Anyway, I used to do all of my speedwork on the treadmill I was worried I wouldn’t have the same stamina or pace in an actual race. I wondered if treadmill workouts were comparable to running outside and if not how to make them so.

I searched online and found this chart which actually compares your treadmill pace to running outside. It also shows you at what incline you should run to make the pace more comparable. It was crucial for me when I used the treadmill for speed work and it totally helped me improve and so I thought I would share. Hope you enjoy it.

What three things would you like to share today? Have you ever fed an alligator or ran over one?

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