The Hooters to Hooters 10K Race Review and Recap

Ya’ll I broke my curse! Hot Damn! Today was the Hooters to Hooters 5K and 10K race and I didn’t kill it or anything, but I broke that damn 10K curse.

The Hooters to Hooters race is run at the very first original Hooters Restaurant in Clearwater, Florida. The Proceeds go to ALEGRIA’S KICKIN FOR KIDS serving
Tampa Bay Families.

Hooters to Hooters

I happen to live very close to the original Hooters, and I picked up my bib and shirt yesterday, so MacGyver and I left our house around 6:45 am.

Hooters to Hooters 10K 2013

The race was set to start at 7:30am but I needed to get my timing chip and I wanted to warm up so off we went. We arrived about 6:50 and I got in line for the timing chip. There was a bit of a line but it moved fairly quickly.

Standing in the porta potty line

At 7:00am I got in line for the porta potties because there were only 8 of them and with over 600 runners, I knew the line would be ridiculous and it was. I waited in line until 7:25 at which point I finally got a turn. If I could give the race director any advice, it would be to get more porta potties next year.

Hooter Owl

I made it to the start line with a minute to spare. The race started just a minute or two late but there was no real delay.

Starting Line

The course starts on the streets of Clearwater and then goes onto the Ream Wilson Trail. Since this is one of my regular running routes, I’m pretty comfortable with it. I also knew that there was a bridge and one fairly steep hill on the route so I was able to strategize before the race. That being said, it was already 80 degrees and humid at the start so I knew it would be a tough one.

Hooters 10K map

The 5K and 10K race started together. Mile 1 was nice, flat, and easy, I didn’t go out too fast or too slow, just an even pace around 9 minutes. Somewhere between mile 1.5 and 2.0 was the turn around for the 5K and this is where there was a little problem. In the pre race email and during the pre race announcements, we were told the 5K runners were to turn left and the 10K runners go straight.

Someone should have told the Hooter’s girls…

Hooters Girls

Several runners went the wrong way and many of us just stood there for a minute or two thoroughly confused. I gotta be honest, it sort of pissed me off. They had already told us which way to go so why have the Hooters girls hold up signs, especially if they are pointed the wrong way? I heard a few runners at the end of the race complaining because they actually ran an extra mile or more. I was lucky that I followed my instincts and went straight even though with the confusion it did cost me some time.

Miles 3-5 were on the Ream Wilson Trail and I was glad to see a few familiar faces. Several people who I usually see there were out today and offered me good luck wishes, so thank you! There was also a really nice father and daughter around miles 3-4 that I spoke with. The father was a Cross Country Coach and he was coaching the daughter who wants to run a sub 2 half this year. They were really sweet.

At mile 5, I drank a Gatorade and I don’t usually do that. Unfortunately it gave me stomach cramps and I ran the last mile at a much slower pace with a bit of a bubble gut but I kept going.

My official chip time was 58:13 so I beat the hour curse.

Hooters 10K

You know what’s strange? That’s a PR for me, yet I run half marathons at a better pace. Oh well, whatever, I am NOT complaining. I am just happy I broke that curse and I finished 4th in my age group, in the top 25%, so I’ll take it.

There was a post race party with plenty of wings and tater tots from Hooters. And there was lots of beer and several venders with free samples.

Overall it was good race and well run. The only suggestions I would make would be to increase the amount of porta potties and work on the turn around directions next year.

Hooters 10K

Did you run a race this weekend? Would you run it again next year? How did you do?

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    • Thank you. I tend to like the smaller local races the best and I hate not being able to find info online from past participants. So I try really hard to get the info out there and give an honest and unbiased opinion. Thanks for reading and for commenting. 🙂

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