Long Run Fail

If you read my post yesterday, you may know that I had a 14 mile run planned for this morning and I was totally looking forward to it.

I got up at 6 a.m. and got dressed, drank my cup of coffee and just when i was ready to go, MacGyver said he would come along on his bike. So I was super excited.

The plan was that I would leave right then and MacGyver would leave around 20 minutes later and catch up to me.

It was a bit overcast this morning but it didn’t look too bad so I headed off. Around 7 miles in I ran into MacGyver. He was at the fishing bridge and I was about 1 mile from the Marina. It was starting to lightly rain but it felt good so I told him I was going to run on to the Marina and I would see him later.

In that 10 minutes, it not only began to pour but the lightning was so bad, I could see it right in front of me. So, when I got to the Marina, I waited it out for around 30 minutes but with no signs of letting up, I called MacGyver and he picked me up. Long Run Fail!

Todays Weather in Clearwater Florida

By the time MacGyver picked me up and we got back to my house my front yard was starting to look like a small pond…

The front lawn

It continued to rain until after noon. So, I took a little nap. Well, I guess 2 hours doesn’t really equate to a little nap but anywho..

After the rain cleared, I worked in my back yard for the remainder of the afternoon and tomorrow, I’m going to try again. Because the moral of the story is: If your long run doesn’t happen as planned, you don’t have to give up until the next week, just try again the next day, or the next, but you get the point.

Did you get rain today? Were you able to get your long run in?

4 thoughts on “Long Run Fail

    • Thanks Meghan, it did clear up a bit today but of course being Florida it did pour on me for about 20 minutes. It was welcomed though because it was crazy hot. πŸ™‚

  1. Bummer about the storm yesterday, but you’ve probably already gotten your 14-miler in today. Hope it went well!

    We didn’t get rain yesterday, but it was very warm and humid for my 14-miler. Running with my Cruiser friends always makes it more tolerable though!

    • I got in 10 so I guess it’s not a total fail. I love running wih other people but I never know if we’re going to be here or in Venice so it’s hard to plan….but in retrospect, that’s probably not a bad problem to have. πŸ™‚

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