A foam roller alternative and Candy Corn Oreo’s, oh my!


Is it cool where you are? If it is, I’m jealous of you! Big Time. I need some cool weather. I know I sound like a broken record but it is soooo hard to run in the heat. Yes, it is a bit cooler here but not that much. Still 75-80 at 7am in the morning and still 90-94 in the afternoon; and humid as hell….but I still got my 5 miles in today so that’s that.

Have you seen this yet?


I’m in love. The Candy Corn Oreos are my favorite. I’m going back to buy more tomorrow. You know, in case they run out. There could be a national shortage on candy corn oreos and then what would we do? Yeah, you know what I’m sayin, stock up.

Now on to a completely unrelated subject. Foam Rollers. Lately, I’ve been foam rolling a lot. I’m sure most of you who are training for marathons are probably doing the same. I have a couple of foam rollers like this one:

Foam RollerAnd this one:

Foam Roller

One came from a sporting goods store and cost around $40 and the other came from Walmart and was under $20. I actually have two different ones from Walmart and I like them a lot.

But you don’t need them. If your budget is as tight as the lid on my husbands quarter jar, let me tell you about an alternative.

A few years ago, I was having some extreme tightness in my hip and I was very sore and I had a race coming up and I didn’t have a foam roller. So, I did the only thing I could, I grabbed a wooden rolling pin out of my utensil drawer. To this day I use a wooden rolling pin at least once or twice a week. I have several of them and whenever I’m at a garage sale or an estate sale, if I see them, I pick up extras.

Rolling Pin

In my opinion they work just as well for my calves and hips. For my hamstrings I prefer the foam rollers but in a pinch, the rolling pin works too.

Do you use a foam roller? Have you ever used a rolling pin? Did you buy the Candy Corn Oreos yet?

8 thoughts on “A foam roller alternative and Candy Corn Oreo’s, oh my!

  1. Rolling pin sounds intriguing. I foam roll when I have to, but it’s a bit of a pain to haul around.

    As for Candy Corn Oreos – it’s official: the seventh seal is broken and the Apocalypse is upon us. I’m going outside now to see if the geese are flying backward.

    • Trust me on this, the rolling pin is easy to haul around and gets the job done everytime and I’m pretty sure TSA thinks I’m a very strange girl.

      I’m not sure if the geese are flying backward but fish are falling from the sky, it is official! LOL

    • Try it. I think you’ll find it works especially well for your calves. I read your latest race recap by the way, sounds like an awesome race to run if not just for the after party! I’m originally from Knoxville but I love Memphis.

  2. I love/hate/love my foam roller, but there are lots of days when lying on the bed with the rolling pin is just what I needed…plus, the handles make it much easier for Baby Girl (my wife) to “roll me out” – and she LOVES the sound effects when she hits a tight spot!

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