A 16 Miler, Elephants, Airstreams, Dolphins, a 10K, Desserts and Pure Randomness

Randomness Ya’ll, it’s what I got. Happy Saturday! WoooHooo, I love me some weekends, how bout you?

Thursday I took the day off from running and MacGyver and I took a little trip down to our house in Venice. We made a stop in Sarasota to meet with the guy who is building a tower for our boat and I saw this in the parking lot:

Elephants and Airstream

I wanted to get a picture of the dogs under the elephants but they were afraid of them, bwahahah. I have such brave dogs.

We got to the house in the afternoon and it was way too hot to go on the boat so we did a little shopping and then we went to an early dinner at Ophelia’s. Check out my awesome dessert:


It taste just as good as it looks. AWESOME!

I woke up early on Friday and went for a 16 mile run on the Legacy Trail. I had to adjust my training this week and do my long run on Friday, (because I have a race on Sunday). The first hour and a half was easy peasy but by 8:30 it was hot as fire and I was miserable but the bottom line is, I got it done.

Legacy Trail

Hank and MacGyver were fishing while I ran the trail and they picked me up when I was finished. They sit under the running bridge and they can see me when I’m running back toward the house.

Hank loves to fish. He actually scouts for bait, for real. He eats it too if we’re not watching.

Hank looking for bait

Boomer prefers the comfort of air conditioning and a leather sofa. I can’t say that I blame him….

We caught 12 large snapper! So we’re still eating fish pretty much every night…and I’m still not sick of it. Probably never will be.

Our neighborly dolphin was also out on Friday but I had a hard time getting a picture because he really wanted to play. I did manage to get his fin…

Dolphin in Venice

We hit up one my favorite places on the way home…

Trader Joes Sarasota

And then it rained for just a few minutes after which, we had an incredible rainbow…actually two of them:

double rainbow

This morning I did not run because I have a 10K race tomorrow. I went over to American Running Company to pick up my bib and shirt:

Hooters to Hooters 10K

And since I was out, I went by the mall because JCPenneys had a sale. I like JCPenneys. I don’t care what anyone else says, I always find really cute things there. Today I found two really cute tanks for me, two t-shirts for MacGyver, 2 pairs of really cute sunglasses, and two pairs of running shorts and it was all only $50! I like the running shorts a lot. These two pairs were on sale for $12.99 each.

JCPenney Shorts

These shorts are made just as well as some of the lululemon shorts that I have. The grey and black ones with the stripe down the side are my favorite. They even have that rubbery band in the bottom of the legs so that they wont ride up! The blue and black ones look really cute and fit really well too.

This evening I’m going to be laying out all of my stuff for my 10K tomorrow and picking out my outfit which is gonna be hard because now I have more choices thanks to today’s little spur of the moment shopping trip.

I’ll give ya’ll the deets on the 10k after tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Are you running a race this weekend? How do you adjust your training when you have races that pop up?

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