9.11 miles, a Peacock and an Emu

This morning I had an 8 mile run on my schedule. I woke up 30 minutes late and I had a lot of things to do today. I was half way to deciding to blow it off all together and then I remembered what day it is.

So, I ran 9.11 miles. For those who can’t. I wasn’t worried about my time or my pace, I didn’t even play music. I just wanted to run that entire 9.11 miles and think about all the things that I am grateful for and how proud I am of my Country.

Remember 9/11I received a few emails and some request from people who were wondering about my peacock and emu statement and how in the world I could have almost run over them. So, in response, here’s the skinny.

What had happened wuz….

It’s no secret that I run in my neighborhood quite a bit. There is a park about 6 blocks down the street that leads me to the trail, but I don’t feel comfortable running there when there aren’t a lot of people around. It’s usually pretty crowded on the weekend so that’s when I go there. During the week though, I try to leave at 7a.m and I just don’t feel safe running in the park or even on the trail. It’s not that I think it’s a bad area, or that something is going to happen, but my gut tells me not to run there by myself during the week and so I don’t. I also like being close to my house.

I headed out for my run on Tuesday morning, right out of the driveway, right on the big road, right again, another right and then a left and straight toward the private ranch; and that’s when the unthinkable happened. He came out of nowhere and, I barely missed him. In fact, I almost ran over him. I had to veer around him at the last minute…….It was one of the gang members.

Whether he was pissed off or happy to see me, I don’t know, but he opened up and fanned those tail feathers and scared the bejesus out of me. And as I ran, he chased me.

Peacocks in the Hood

Um yeah, we have a gang of peacocks in the neighborhood. Technically, I think they’d be called a muster or an ostentation, but I call them Peacocks in the hood, and we have literally hundreds.

The private property at the end of the road is actually 5 acres of land that backs up to a 51 acre nature park. The land was donated years ago by (guess who) the people who own the 5 acres of land. At one time, they had all kinds of animals, even a horse, but the Matriarch died about 2 years ago and her son has slowly scaled back

Over the years, the peacocks have sort of turned our neighborhood into their own. Typically they stay fairly close to the private property but in the early mornings and late evenings, they prowl and they were prowling this morning.

Anyway, after running a few yards, I stopped and turned around to see if he was still following me. When I turned back around, there was something else in front of me, so I veered. I turned around to look and Oh. My. God!

I was being chased by an emu…AN EMU! What the hell?


I ran as fast as I could to the end of the street without turning around and without hesitation. When I rounded the corner I quickly looked back and he wasn’t there.

After about 4 or 5 minutes, I slowly walked back to the location and I saw him. He was back inside the gate…which was slightly OPEN!

Holy Mother of all fowl, that booger was huge! I have never seen him outside of the gate before and apparently neither had anyone else in the neighborhood. We can only surmise that one of the kids waiting for the school bus had opened that gate. Fortunately, he wanted to go back home and he did at which point a neighbor closed the gate behind him.

Later that day I googled ‘emu’ to find out more about them. Did you know that they are the second tallest birds after the ostrich and because they have such long legs they can run pretty fast over long distances. They don’t fly but they do swim. They eat glass, metal, and stones to help grind up food in their digestive system. And straight from Wikipedia, “They are curious birds who are known to follow and watch other animals and humans.” Hmmmmmmmmm, I guess he was curious about runners. Smart bird.

What’s the weirdest thing that has ever chased you? What did you do? Did you run today?

2 thoughts on “9.11 miles, a Peacock and an Emu

  1. I can’t believe that you were chased by both a peacock and an emu! I would have had a heart attack if that emu had been chasing me. Are they as mean as I’ve heard ostriches are? I feel that I have a very boring life since I’ve only been chased by a goose the the occasional unleashed dog. 🙂

    • LOL, a goose is pretty interesting. I was fortunate in the emu incident because the owners handle him alot so more than likely he was just curious…I just hope his curiosity has been satisfied! The peacocks I’m kind of used to. I’m hoping to get some great pictures of them this weekend.

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