20 miles for the weekend and 40 for the week…

Hey, Hey, Hey! How was your weekend? Mine was cray cray bizay! Just like I like it.

Saturday morning I finally got that 14 mile run. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. It was a beautiful day, a bit hot, but still beautiful, here is some of my scenery from that run….

Safety Harbor Marina

marina 2

Phillipe Park

When I ran across the bridge on Ream Wilson Trail, I saw it….the Orange Bike,

Orange Bike

Do you know what that means? It means we’re getting an Orangetheory fitness…They opened one in Tampa a while back and I’ve wanted to try one, and now they are opening one very close to my house…I’m stoked. Of course, I’ll give you the real rundown after I try it out so stay tuned…

After my run, we went to breakfast at Lenny’s and all I can say is that if you ever come to Clearwater, Florida, this place is a do not miss! They even give you a plate full of danish with your breakfast…how cool is that?

Danish from Lennys


biscuits and gravy

Yes, I know, it wasn’t the healthiest meal but hey, it was worth it.

After breakfast I came home and worked around the house for the afternoon. And then MacGyver took me to dinner at the Sea Dog Brewery. You may remember the race I ran last month, the Sea Dog 5K. Anyway, MacGyver hadn’t eaten there and really wanted to try it…it was AWESOME.

Sea Dog Brewery

After dinner I wanted a Burger King Ice Cream cone but at the last minute, I opted for this instead,

Hot brownie sundae

Burger King Fail! The brownie was hard and stale. I won’t be having that again. I think I’ll be going back to healthier options because my stomach was killing me later that night.

Anyhow, I got up on Sunday morning and ran another 6 miles bringing my weekend total to 20 and my week total to 40!

6 mile run

Marathon Training continues and I’d say it’s going pretty good. I am really looking forward to fall and maybe a bit cooler weather, maybe…I hope.

How did your weekend go? Did you get a long run in or maybe two?

4 thoughts on “20 miles for the weekend and 40 for the week…

  1. I thought when you said that you saw the orange bike up ahead that you were going to grab it and ride it! HaHa!

    Too bad about the stale brownie. That would have been a sweet little treat!

    My weekend was great because I got to see my Hokies play and I got to visit with my parents!

  2. 52 miles this past week , I also did 14 on Saturday…. Sunday was total rest and swim…back to teaching today…. Sigh! You need to talk me into a marathon ….. Just not confident I can run all 26….. 14 was great though , nice weather helped …. A lot!!!! Have a great week!

    • That’s great! And you really should do a marathon. I have no doubt you’d not only do well but I know you would love it. I am pretty sure I’m going to run the Clearwater marathon in mid January. You should consider it. I have never run it because they were on hiatus for a few years but this year is the relaunch and I think it looks like a blast. Check it out and let me know what you think….We could run it together…..

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