The Sea Dog 5K Race Review and Recap

Happy Monday!

I mentioned last week that I was running a race on Sunday, the Sea Dog 5K. I don’t normally get excited when I run 5K’s or 10K’s because I’m not really fast and I think of myself as more of a distance runner, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be fast, I do, I’m just not.

I signed up for the Sea Dog 5K as part of a series from Premier Racing Institute, which
includes 4 races, a 5K, a 10K, a 15K, and a half marathon. By signing up for the series, you save money AND you get to run a few races in the summer when marathons are pretty much extinct. (Not that you would want to run a marathon in the summer in Florida anyway…unless your cray cray, and in that case, have at it).

Sea Dog 5K

I also talked my neighbor Matt into running with me again and he signed up as well. We got to the brewery around 6:45am and with a 7:30 start time, we had loads of time to spare.

2013 SeaDog 5K

We stretched out a bit and then I hit the bathroom line. It was about a 10-15 minute wait but I met Cheryl who was very sweet and chatted with me the whole time.

About 10 minutes before start time, we lined up. What I like about the races that Premier Racing Institute organizes is that even though they are local races they have average pace times clearly marked at the start so that you can start in the appropriate

Sea Dog 5K Start Line

I went to the 9 minute pace group because I felt like I could run between a 9 and 9 and a half mile if I pushed a little. I didn’t want to be over-confident because the start time was 7:30 and I’m usually finished with my runs by that time. It was also going to be a ridiculously hot day. Two strikes already, oh joy.

When the horn blew we took off:


I decided to just run and have fun.

The course itself is unremarkable. It’s an out and back through some local streets. There is no great scenery but it’s just how I like em, fast and flat. I felt I was making good time but I didn’t realize how fast I was going until I passed these guys:

Running the Sea Dog 5K


Anyway, I was feeling pretty good so I just let go and the time sort of slipped away….1 mile…..2 miles….holy heck, it’s almost over…..3 miles, we’re back at the start with only .10 to go. And then it happened, I crossed the finish line, AND I PR’d! And it was so sweet! My official chip time was 26:27 which is an average of 8:31 minute miles. 8:31! Thank you speed work, thank you hills of Virginia and thank you Walter White. I now rock the mid 8’s.

Cheryl, whom I met in the bathroom line and my friend Matt also PR’d with 25:45 and 20:30 respectively.

Me and Cheryl

That’s me and Speedy Cheryl.

And here is Matt the Machine:

Matt and the 5K

Overall, it was a great day. And I was fortunate enough to meet some really great people, (Cheryl and Kristen), who I hope to see at future races.

Sea Dog 5K Clearwater

This was a fun race. It was a fast, flat, out and back course. The organizers did a great job even though I did not stay for the post breakfast, I have heard that it was fantastic and loads of fun with pancakes and beer. (It was the Sea Dog 5K, as in Sea Dog Brewery).

You can see me running in all dorked out at about the 5:46 mark, (I’m in the blue shirt, black shorts and fashionable knee brace, I did say dorked out, right?).

I will definitely put this race on my calendar for next year and I will also be continuing the speed drills and hill repeat,s because obviously, it works 😉

Did you run a race this weekend? Did you PR?

12 thoughts on “The Sea Dog 5K Race Review and Recap

  1. Great run!! I’ll send Vinny out to run with you next time you come up. He’s about at the 9m mark. 8:30 if I promise more Minecraft time. Love ya, sister!

    • Thank you. It’s funny how things happen, I wasn’t feeling all that fast in the last few months but I hung in there and bam, got a PR. You’re doing awesome too. I’m totally envious of your training schedule, you’re kickin butt.

  2. Congrats on your PR! That’s awesome!!! What hills in Virginia were you training on? I’m wondering if you were anywhere near me… Of course it’s a huge state! 🙂

    • I was in Fairfax and Fairfax Station and I ran the hills in the neighborhood which were killer and then I ran Burke Lake Park once but it wasn’t too bad. The hills in Fairfax reminded me of Tennessee hills, just rolling, over and over. I gotta admit I loved it.

  3. Nothing like an unexpected PR to make your day. Congratulations! Good call on keeping up with the hill repeats and speed workouts. Those are key for 5K speed. You’ll have another PR in no time!

    • Thank you. I sure hope I get another one. I have a 10K coming up and I would love to have another PR. Fingers Crossed.

  4. Flower it was sooooo great to meet you and chat! You made waiting in the port-o-potty fun. You also had fun stories and lots of great running information. I love your blog, too. Congrats on your race….job well done. First day of school today, and I’m pooped , those 2nd graders wore me out … to bed now! Hope to see you again.

    • Hi Cheryl,
      So great to hear from you! It was awesome to meet you and you ran a great race. Hope to see you at Hooters to Hooters or the Pretty in Pink….

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