My 4 day birthday weekend begins!

Hello From Venice, Florida!

MacGyver and I are taking a 4 day weekend in celebration of my birthday which is actually tomorrow. We got here late yesterday and took a trip over to one of my favorite places:

Trader Joe's

We don’t have a Trader Joe’s in Clearwater so when we come down to the Venice house we stop in Sarasota and do some shopping. We also tend to go there again on the way home because in case I didn’t mention it, I love Trader Joe’s for realz.

Trader Joe's

I am not big on Roses because I prefer Rose bushes and since I already have quite a few, MacGyver bought me these:


I love sunflowers!

I got up this morning and ran 6 miles on the Legacy Trail but I left a little late because I overslept. (Must have had something to do with all those strawberries and wine…oops). All I know is, I was ridiculously hot and sweaty shortly after walking out the door. This is me before my run this morning, and Hankie photobombed…

Running in the Florida Heat

The trail is usually pretty desolate during the week:

Legacy Trail

Which is a very good thing because this is what I looked like after the run:

frying egg

Muah, ha ha.

After my run, I took the dogs for a one mile walk and then we all packed up and headed out in the boat to do some fishing.

Fishing in Venice Inlet

One of us caught 8 fish and the other caught 13 but what’s important is that we spend the day together as a family and had a wonderful time….and GIRLS RULE!

MacGyver, 8 Me, 13 = WINNING!

I’m not running tomorrow, we are going fishing at 5am and we will probably be out all day competing catching lots of fish.

Day one of the 4 day birthday, done.

What do you like to do on your birthday? Do you run on your birthday or take the day off?

2 thoughts on “My 4 day birthday weekend begins!

  1. Happy birthday weekend!!!!! Enjoy! My birthday is in November and I like to start it off with a run! 🙂

    HaHa! It looks like three Halloween goblins with evil glow-in-the-dark eyes photo-bombed your picture!

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