Back from Vacation…I need a vacation

Yes, I know, it’s been a long time. I would love to tell you how busy I’ve been, but really I’ve just been busy on vacations.

First we had our nephew’s wedding in Virginia.

Here we are in the limo at the rehearsal dinner:

Riding in a Limo

And here we are at the wedding:

Dressed for a wedding

Not sure what’s going on with MacGyver’s eyes in that one but I guess we clean up okay.

I also got to run a bit in Fairfax Station and at Burke Lake Park:

Running in Fairfax Station Virginia

Pickett Pond

Pickett Pond in Fairfax Station

Burke Lake Park

I love running in Virginia because it’s quite hilly and similar to Tennessee. It was also a lot cooler than it has been in Florida and I was lovin that.

After leaving Virginia, we came home, repacked, yes repacked, and then headed down to Venice to spend the week with my sister and her family. We had a blast and my sister ran the trail with me one morning in the pouring rain, I had a great time and she’s such a good sport for going with me.

Me and my Sister

And even though I’ve been on vacation for a few weeks and not running as many miles, I did run some pretty serious hills and I also did some speed work in Venice. It must have helped because this is what I ran this morning:

Garmin Forerunner

(Yes, sometimes I still wear my Garmin). Not a bad run this morning, huh?

I will be back to regular updates now as I am taking a vacation from all the vacations.

Have you gone on a vacation lately? Did you run?

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