Midnight Run

Tonite I ran 3 easy miles around the neighborhood. I didn’t run this morning. I couldn’t.

I woke up this morning with a knot the size of Georgia between my neck and shoulder, well maybe not Georgia, but Atlanta.

It’s huge:

knot on neck

MacGyver says I look like an ogre. Nice. I’m not exactly sure how it happened except that it did happen while I was kayaking. Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to race MacGyver within an hour of buying the kayaks but hey, how hard could it be? Right? UGH!

Speaking of races….yeah, I have one tomorrow. A 10K. At midnight.

Wish me luck.

brooks pure flow 2 and visor

Are you doing a race on the 4th? Ever run at midnight? Got any advice?

2 thoughts on “Midnight Run

    • LOL, must be something in the water. Hope your knot is better today. Mine is still there but going down. Good luck on your race as well!

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