Kiwanis Midnight Run Race Review

We’re in Venice for another mini vacay! And it’s raining….no, it’s pouring. Hopefully it will clear up before the fireworks..

So, last night I ran the Kiwanis Midnight Run 10K. This was the 34th Annual Midnight Run and the previous 33 Midnight Run events have raised more than $640,000 for the Kiwanis clubs of Dunedin and Top of the Bay community service activities.

This is a 3 race series. There is a 1mile, 5k and 10k and they are staggered so that you can run all 3 if you want to. I’m not really a speedy runner and distance is more my thing so I chose to run the 10k only.

The race started at 12:15am. Enough said about that. I was lucky enough to have MacGyver there to cheer me on and my neighbor Matt, who only recently started running again, ran the 10K as well:

At the start of the Kiwanis midnight run

And my friend Fiona from the meetup group I ran with was also there and ran the 10K…pardon the picture, MacGyver took it:

Up and Humming and Fiona

Fiona and Matt both rocked that race.

Here’s my recap:

First, let me just say that we did not pre-register because of all the rain we have had lately. So when I called the race directors to find out when we should be there, they suggested 9:30pm. Yeah, almost 3 hours before the race start. What I didn’t know was that this race is very well staffed and you could register right up to race time. So, if you run this race next year and you aren’t pre-registered, I would get there around 10:45 for the 10K and I’m sure you’ll still have plenty of time to visit the porta pottys, etc.

Speaking of the pottys…Lord, there were probably 1,600 people running the 5K and 10K and these were the porta pottys:

Porta Potty

Six on each side for a grand total of 12! And here is the weird part…I never waited in line longer than 5 minutes! I know!

The 5K race started at 11:30 and the 10K started at 12:15am. The only problem with this was that when you went to the start you had to cross the paths of the last 5k runners. Minor issue but they should maybe do something about that for next year.

The 10K race starts just before the Dunedin Causeway and goes over the causeway to Honeymoon Island. I was expecting to run through quite a bit of the island but it’s actually only about a half mile in and then out. That being said, this run was incredible. The paths were lighted by tealights in plastic milk jugs that had been cut in half. So your running along the water with the sea fog rolling in and there was a little breeze on the way back (which helped me immensely) and since it’s lit only with the little candles, it’s very serene.

It is a bit hard to see in spots around mile 2 and 3 as the crowd thins out but the organizers have many volunteers along the path to steer you in the right direction. There is also the Dunedin causeway bridge which you have to run over, (I didn’t think it was all that bad) so if you don’t like running the bridges, this may not be a good race for you.

I don’t usually run 10K’s though I am trying to put them and a few 5k’s in my summer rotation but as far as this race goes, I loved it and I will definitely run it again next year. However, I will get there later or pre-register.

I ran this race in 1:02:03. A 10:00 minute pace. Definitely not what I wanted to run it in but I’m okay with it. I had a great time and I got to run with friends and I had family cheering for me. What more could you ask for?

Did you run a race for the holiday? How’d you do?

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