It’s the weekend update.

We’re back home. Here’s a recap of my weekend.


Saturday I ran 7 miles on the Legacy Trail, (I actually ran/walked about 6 or 7 more but I had a major Garmin Fail at 7 miles so I have no idea of my actual run or time, but I’m cool with it. It was my part naked run for the week J Sunday I ran 5.5 miles on the trail. This morning I banged out 6.35 in 1 hour on the tready.

I met a really cool girl at the end of my run on Saturday, (and if you happen to read my blog, I was wrong about the r&r St. Pete, sorry), and she told me where the water fountains can be found, which I was so grateful for because I was an idiot and I forgot my fuel belt with my water bottles. I won’t be doing that again but I was glad to know there are more water stations than I previously thought.

Our weekend was busy with lots of fun things. Saturday while I was out running MacGyver built me this for our toys:

kayaks, paddleboards and canoes

Because I was running and he was outside working, the dogs took the liberty of relaxing in their favorite spots. MacGyver came in from outside, saw this and immediately snapped a shot and sent it to me.


Bad dog.

After building and running we went on some treasure hunts. I found some great new chairs and we found this adorable little sign.

Peas Come in

It’s perfect for me especially since I love my veggies. MacGyver said he knew exactly where to hang it…

Peas come in

The bathroom. Peas, get it? I’ll be moving it soon.

The afternoon rains came around 3 on Saturday and never stopped so we watched some movies and hung out. MacGyver might have built a lego set or two…unfortunately the evidence has been destroyed…unless you like me on facebook..

On Sunday, we headed up to the Super Boat Grand Prix in Sarasota. We took the boat north about 14 miles to Lido Key. It was spectacular. We took a ton of pictures:

On the boat

Super Boat Cintron

Miss Geico Superboat

superboat helicopter

Qatar SuperBoat team

And some video…

And then I got home and guess what came in the mail…

Runners World

And my Pink Shoelaces because in case I haven’t mentioned it..I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador 🙂

Sweat Pink

And that was my weekend….what did you do?

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