Day or Night Runner, which one are you?

Happy Monday. I started my week off with a morning run of 5 miles. Good way to start the day. Did you run today?

I read a lot of blogs and I’ve read a lot of stories about people who never really liked to run and then learned to like it. People who started running to get in shape or lose weight and still have a love/hate relationship with running. They continue to run until at some point they learn to like or love it.

Me? I’m the opposite. I have always liked to run. I just never thought I was very good at it. When I started running again around 5 years ago I immediately realized how much I had missed it and every day that I ran made me want to run more. In fact, if I look back in my journals from 4 or 5 years ago I see many days where I ran both in the morning and at night. The truth is I really do love to run.

Of course I have also learned that you can’t run 2 a days all the time without the risk of injury and burnout, and your muscles really do need to rest occasionally. And because I’m more of a morning person, over time I began to run first thing in the mornings. I feel that it gives me a little jump start on my day. (Well, that and the fact that I live in stinkin hot Florida where if you don’t run before 10am you probably shouldn’t…for most of the year anyway.) But I often wonder if I would be faster at night or later in the day. Unfortunately because I’ve spent the last 4 years running in the mornings, I find it hard to motivate myself to run if I don’t do so before 9am.

So when do you run? Are you a morning or a night person? And do you think it makes a difference in your speed?

2 thoughts on “Day or Night Runner, which one are you?

  1. Due to my crazy schedule as a fitness instructor, I have learned to love both morning and night running! I agree, it is nice to get the run knocked out first thing in the morning so it is not hanging over your head, but running in the evening is nice too. I do a lot of night running after dark to train for ultra events where I will be running for hours in the dark or overnight, usually on trail. Congrats on the 5 miler! Good start to the week! I rested today, speed work tomorrow on the track!

    • Hope your speed work went awesome! I need to run more at night again…I used to enjoy it alot. I guess I’ll find out how much I really enjoy it Wednesday night at midnight at my 10K. 🙂

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