A random post with an Amanda Bynes Joke.

I ran a quick 3 miles this morning. Negative Splits on the treadmill.

9:42, 9:20, 8:48

I wasn’t sure if I should run since I’m running a race tonight but I wanted to see if my neck knot would bother me. Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad. Of course after my run I took both dogs for a walk and then I mowed the lawn and weedeated and trimmed a few hedges….cause I’m crazy like that.

I did take a little nap this afternoon. So, hopefully I wont fall asleep during the race. Because I’m, ahem, older and midnight is very late. And because once I get tired, I just drop…no really, I just go down, faster than Amanda Bynes bong out of a window.

A while ago I ran with a meetup group with some really cool ladies. Unfortunately I’m not in town most Saturdays so I havent been able to run with them again but some of the girls from the group will be at the race tonight so I’m super excited to see them. My neighbor Matt is also supposed to run tonight so no matter what it should be a fun night and in the end that’s all that matters. Running with friends. Good Times.

Hope you have a fantastic night! Are you running a race?

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