When it’s too hot to run, I run to the water…

Long time no post…sigh. How is everyone? I’m good, hot, but good. Sadly, I haven’t run more than 5.5 miles in any one day since last week. I didn’t even get a long run in this weekend. I am not beating myself up over it though…It is frustrating all the same because I am still training for this:

26.2 Tervis Tumbler

I love my Tervis Tumbler’s. The factory is located about a half mile from my other house in Venice and I love going in there. The good thing about Tervis is that their Tumblers are guaranteed, for life! So if they break or crack or get damaged in any way, you just return them and pick out a new one. No questions asked. Thats hella cool. (They also make a 13.1 tumbler for those of you who are wondering…I have one of those two, of course).

Anyway, back to the heat. How hot is it you ask? Well, here is the weather forecast for today:

hot temperatures

Did you see the ‘feels like 103’? Well, it does. I’ve been running on my lanai which is where my treadmill is and if I could lug that industrial bear into my house I probably would because my lanai gets hot. How hot? This hot:

Over 100 degrees

Yes, that’s 102.2 outside, nice right?

I would love to run outside on the trail but I would have to leave the house before or very near dawn and I had a scary situation on the trail near my house last year so I don’t run in the early morning hours outside anymore and it’s too hot after 7:30, so I play it safe, for real! Hello treadmill. I also look for other ways to work out in the summer…..

Tonight we are headed to the house in Venice and I’ll get to run outside at least tomorrow morning, yay! The trail is right behind our house and safe and I can run very early in the morning hours without worry. We’re also going to take out our new boat which we bought in February and have only taken out twice so I’m pretty excited. I may even go skiing or wakeboarding. Add to that the fact that my paddleboard is sitting in the dock house just waiting for me and I can barely contain myself. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get a little swell and I can go surfing!

So what exactly is the moral of this random post. I think it’s this. Even though it’s hot outside and there are obstacles preventing me from running as much as I’d like, there are still many other forms of exercise that I can do, from paddleboarding to skiing and even swimming that will also help me build my strength and endurance.

So, don’t let the hot weather kick the motivation out of you. Turn it around and make it work for you. Go to the water and get in a workout. And if you aren’t near the water, there are plenty of rec centers and community pools out there if you search for them…whatever type of workout you choose, have fun!

What types of workouts do you do when it’s just too hot to run?

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