Where to buy running clothes and shoes AT A DISCOUNT!

Hello fine people, how goes it?

Since I didn’t post yesterday, let me recap my workouts:

Wednesday – 6 miles

Running on the Treadmill

Thursday – 6 miles

Treadmill Running

I don’t mind running on the treadmill but it definately takes more discipline for me. Mainly because I need visual stimulation and the T.V. doesnt really do it for me. Also, I have to reserve the treadmill in advance because we have other users in our house:

Dog on Treaadmill

Hank likes to put in a mile or two before our walks, (he’s gotta keep the old physique in shape for the ladies ya know.)

In case you didn’t know, I buy a lot of running clothes. I think I might be in love with running clothes or spending money, or both.

Nike Running Shorts

In any case, if you like running clothes or shopping or spending money like me, I will let you in on a little secret for some serious savings. From now until May 30th you can buy pro compression socks and sleeves for over 50% off if you go here. I promise that is a great deal and I also promise these are great socks. I have quite a few as well as some other brands but Pro Compression is my favorite.compression socksPro Compression Socks

Now for running clothes, I wear alot of Nike. I love Nike Tempo Shorts, Nike Hero Mesh shorts and of course Nike Running skirts. I also own some under armour, adidas, lululemon, north face, asics, new balance, old navy, avia and various others. A lot of them came from my favorite local running stores but most of them came from a site called 6pm.com.

6pm.com is a great source for not only running clothes but also running shoes. They don’t always have the very latest models but depending on what your particular shoe is, they may have it in stock and it may be a lot less that what you could buy it for anywhere else. I mainly rotate 2 shoes right now, my Brooks PureFlow 2’s and my Asics Cumulus 14’s.

asics cumulus 14

6pm.com has the Asics Cumulus 14’s in 4 colors right now for $79 and some change so I bought all of them, obvs.

But wait! The BEST part about 6pm.com is that they always have FREE ground shipping regardless of the order amount. Yes, you heard that right. Spend 10 bucks and pay 10 bucks, free shipping baby! That’s Pure Awesomeness. Word!

So, hit up the pro compression sale and visit 6pm.com for any clothing or shoe needs, (they also offer brand name everyday clothing, you know, the kind I never wear).

Happy Shopping!

Where do you find the best deals on running clothes?

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