The day I paced our military

This morning I ran 6 miles through Kapok Park and down the Ream Wilson Trail. It was a fairly easy run and I ran at at about a 10:30 pace for most of it. I ran all of the hills I could find but the most interesting part of the run came at about mile 4 when I came across some military men who were training. They were running the trail with heavy backpacks on. I passed a few of them and then I noticed they were catching up with me. After about 2 minutes I realized they were pacing with me. I ran side by side with a few of them until about 5.5 miles when I started singing cadence songs and they bolted….kidding! I turned off and ran toward home and they continued their training. I really did want to sing a cadence song though.

After my run this morning I had to make a trip to the dentist for a follow up appointment. I don’t get out much except to run so I took the opportunity to wear my new dress I got from American Eagle.

American Eagle DressSuper cute, right? And, it has pockets, bonus! I love a dress with pockets, it’s genius. My dentist wasn’t all that impressed though, or if he was he didn’t say so!

This afternoon I signed up for a running meetup for this Saturday. Lately my long runs in Clearwater have been sorta boring so I’m looking forward to running with some other ladies. One of the ladies who RSVP’d has run a few marathons and sounds like someone fun to run with so I’m pretty excited. It should be interesting because other than my sister, I really haven’t ever run with another person. I think running in groups is good to help motivate you, but I’m interested in seeing if it helps with my speed and endurance. I’ll let you know, for sure.

What’s the most interesting run you’ve ever had?


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